Weight loss plan for middle-aged men 6 tips to help men get rid of belly

中年男人减肥计划 6妙招帮男人赶走将军肚

Weight loss program for middle-aged men

Exercise effectively

In order to reduce the abdomen and the use of unlimited diet, abdominal method not only can not reach the role of strong abdominal muscles, but also affect people’s health. Should take part in physical exercise more, if run, climb a hill, cycle, swim, play ball to wait, can make abdomen adipose reduce.

2, moderate diet

Eat candy, starch less, animal is adipose wait, with eat 7 minutes to be full degree, can promote the consumption of adipose inside body so.

中年男人减肥计划 6妙招帮男人赶走将军肚

Do more abdominal calisthenics

Sit cross-legged with a weight in your hand behind your head. Lift the weight to your head and exhale to close your stomach. Relax your upper arms and put your hands back on your head. Inhale to relax your abs. Repeat 8 to 12 times. Lie flat on your back on the mat with your feet firmly planted. Straighten your hands on the top of your head, sit up vigorously, touch your toes, and then slowly fall back on your upper body. Repeat 10 times. Both hands is held on doorcase, make the body is suspended, close abdomen forcibly next, double leg unbend go up lift, make leg and torso become 90 Celsius, stay a moment to put down slowly again restore. Repeat 5 to 10 times. Stand naturally with your left hand on your abdomen and your right hand behind your head. Slowly inspiratory close abdomen, at the same time left hand presses abdomen inward, hold back breath for a while, breathe out again, make abdominal muscle is loosened gradually and arch forward rise, do 10 times repeatedly.

4, abdominal massage weight loss method

This method is simple and effective. It is also suitable for the digestive system, nervous system and urogenital system of many diseases, but also as a way to eliminate abdominal fat, strong body. This method of operation is simple and easy to learn, and feel comfortable, quick results and other advantages. Fat operation lying on the back of the bed, open the buckle and belt, abdomen only wear a thin clothes. Have your family sit on the left side of the bed in front of an obese person. First of all, use the method of wave pushing and pressing from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen for 3-4 times, and then successively use three fingers to press on the middle and lower part of the abdomen for 2-3 times. However, it should not be used after meals or when you are very hungry. After chronic disease is massaged a month, rest a few days to massage again. According to the weight of the pulse beat and patients should not be.

中年男人减肥计划 6妙招帮男人赶走将军肚

5. Apply the umbilicus method

The obese person lies on his back, the family member stands beside him, applies vaseline or the edible oil in the performing art department to increase the technique curative effect. Massage the abdomen with palm and palm root for 2 to 3 minutes, and then massage the abdomen with palm roots clockwise from ascending colon, transverse colon, transverse colon, descending colon and sigmoid colon for about 3 to 4 minutes. This method can adjust the peristaltic function of stomach and intestine, strengthen spleen and improve dampness, and accelerate the decomposition of superfluous fat under the skin. At the same time in the wan, qi sea, water, guan yuan, uterus, tianshu point, repeatedly point, press, dial, to diarrhea, so as to achieve weight loss.

6, abdominal fat pressure method

Abdomen is the main place that adipose accumulation, and the male is centered in navel upper part is in the majority, the female is in the majority with navel below, if point to when pressing next abdomen, want to make palm sufficient bend slightly, perpendicular press 15 seconds; If the pressure refers to the ventral point, the palm should be fully bent on the left and right ventral respectively, along the horizontal direction slightly forced slow pressure for 15 seconds.

中年男人减肥计划 6妙招帮男人赶走将军肚

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