The secret to losing weight fast during your period will help you lose weight easily

What’s the secret to losing weight fast during your period? Reduce weight is the topic that every schoolgirl CARES about almost, believe many people also know period is having certain effect reducing weight, so how to reduce weight after all period? Below small make up for everyone to bring period fast reduce weight secret book, let you easily thin down!

Period fast reduce weight secret book

1, period is not suitable for high-intensity weight loss

If you do not pay attention to the menstrual period, it is likely to cause dysmenorrhea symptoms, if you choose to diet weight loss, not only weight loss effect is not obvious, but also harm the health. Around the period, the body internal hormone secretion will have great changes, endocrine disorders, very easy to lead to the phenomenon of edema, but also cause rough skin, pressure common problems, so it is difficult to lose weight.

经期快速减肥的秘籍 让你轻松瘦下来

Hormonal balance affects weight loss

Before your period, your body starts pumping out progesterone, a hormone that can make you moody, irritable and rough. Additional, get the impression of progesterone, adipose become more easy to accumulate inside the body, humoral circulation also slows down, redundant moisture cannot eduction brings about oedema, it is a very big resistance to reducing weight!

经期快速减肥的秘籍 让你轻松瘦下来

The secret to losing weight fast during your period

In this period of progesterone secretion, if you are still struggling to maintain the usual state of weight loss, I am afraid it will make their stress even more. So small make up suggest you, can stop first in period, need not hold to reduce weight, restore normal rest state, wait for period to end just is the superexcellent period that reduces weight, because right now female hormone is secreted, the mood also can become relaxed freely, seize the time to reduce weight at this moment is the easiest come down!

Be careful not to overeat

In period reduce weight, a lot of people can say no matter how eat won’t fat, although appetite is good, bring about a lot of people to begin to overeat, especially snacks do not leave a mouth. Here small make up remind everyone, eating and drinking is mainly because of the loss of body blood, leading to the body is in urgent need of a signal of nutrition, but must pay attention to control the amount of intake, must not overeat.

Have abstention to food somewhat at ordinary times you, right now can reduce intensity, absorb enough nutrition from a variety of food as far as possible, suspend at the same time violent motion, change to do a few relaxed extend motion, maintain good mood, so although period comes down very hard, but also unapt meeting get fat!

Menstruation is not complete inactivity

经期快速减肥的秘籍 让你轻松瘦下来

Although menstruation should move less, avoid to harm body health, but also be not to say what reduce weight motion cannot do, want not to be acuteness motion only, proper activity body, can promote haemal circulation actually, alleviate the edema in menstruation and hematic line are insufficient wait for a problem, still can slow the mood at the same time. Of course, if the first two days of the menstrual period is uncomfortable, or even accompanied by menstrual pain, then do not move, lying in bed, do some soothing meridian stretching exercise!

经期快速减肥的秘籍 让你轻松瘦下来

The secret to losing weight fast during your period

Diet during your period

Small make up not quite the dietary method reducing weight that suggests to be on a diet and onefold food, because this kind of thin body law can bring serious burden to the body commonly, especially in period, hollow feeling can incur the mood is disturbed, alleviate to menstruation symptom is to do not have profit. Additional, besides excessive go on a diet, another what should notice is food excessive, actually every keep 8 minutes full, not only do not harm health, still can cogently reduce weight, also can be done easily in period!

It’s important to lose weight during your period because of the loss of blood and iron during your period. In normal times, natto, egg yolk, clam and other foods can be eaten.

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