Fast weight loss is not a dream

【 introduction 】 abdominal weight loss exercises are what? As we all know, the abdomen is a very easy to accumulate fat parts, many people have a small belly. So how should abdomen reduce weight? Below small make up for everyone to bring abdominal weight loss exercise, fast weight loss is no longer a dream!

The motion that abdomen loses weight quickly has what

Sitting for a long time, office workers will find such an interesting phenomenon, that is prone to abdominal fat accumulation and lead to the fall.

In this season, reduce weight became numerous MM urgent matter of the moment, reduce weight slacking is no good, want to take exercise more at ordinary times, at least once a week, below small make up brought 9 abdomen to reduce weight to hold to everybody, help you reduce redundant proud flesh easily. Let’s see.

腹部减肥的运动 快速减肥不是梦

1. Twist the abdomen

Lie on the bed or floor with your legs together, legs straight forward, hands at the back of your head.

Then the right leg is properly gathered up, the knee is bent on the net and the left leg is raised, making the calf perpendicular to the thigh and thigh and the ground. When lifting the leg, the left upper body is raised to the left, making the right shoulder leave the ground. Then change the leg and do the same action.

腹部减肥的运动 快速减肥不是梦

Abdominal weight loss exercises


Lie on the floor with your legs bent and together, your back fully extended on the floor, your arms bent at the elbow, your hands on your head, your shoulder blades back, and your arms as close to the floor as possible.

Edge expiratory edge USES abdomen to apply force, Yang qi upper part, when Yang qi, chin is drawn in, the arm is placed slightly before, make elbow touch knee, at the same time double foot does not leave the ground, lie down slowly again restore position, do a few times back and forth.

3. Put your shoulders back

Lie down in the same preparation position as a sit-up, with your legs bent and bent together, your upper legs at about 90 degrees, your hands on your head, exhale and lift your back above, your shoulders off the ground, and your chin tucked in.

But the upper body does not want excessive Yang to rise, do not do more, make the back as far as possible the following includes hind waist and hip to maintain the ground, two feet also do not leave the ground, the muscle that USES upper abdomen will finish Yang to rise an action.

4. Lift and touch your knees

Lie down on the ground, two legs together, left hand bending, left and right on the back of the head, the right arm out, using the right hand stretch to do abdominal pressure, pull up the right shoulder upward, touch the left knee with the right hand, and then arm straight, this can enhance the internal and external abdominal muscle strength.

腹部减肥的运动 快速减肥不是梦

Stretch the floor

Arm bend elbow, two hands make a fist, use lower arm 90 degrees to hold the ground, double leg hind unbend, two feet hold the ground, be apart from the space of a fist slightly, the body does not sink, maintain parallel position with the ground, but pay attention to hip also do not want to be pouted upwards, hold 1 minute, can strengthen abdominal rectus muscle and abdominal transverse muscle.

腹部减肥的运动 快速减肥不是梦

Abdominal weight loss exercises

6. Stretch lying on your side

The whole body side lies on the ground, bend right arm elbow next, right hand clench fist, lower arm supports the ground toward the front, let right side body leave the ground, double foot is together, prop up the body with right foot outboard and lower arm, the whole body is stretched tight and straight, maintain straight posture 1 minute, left and right sides do 3 times each, can agend abdominal muscle and abdominal oblique muscle.

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