Are there any side effects to losing weight? Be careful of these things

【 introduction 】 buried line to reduce weight to have side effect? Bury a line to reduce weight is a kind of popular method reducing weight now, it used to bury a line in traditional Chinese medicine, it is a kind of method reducing weight that appears rebound not easily, because this got the favour of a lot of people. So is there a side effect to weight loss? Below small make up to tell you about weight loss line buried side effects, must be careful of these things oh!

Side effects of losing weight by burying wires: risks you don’t know about

Acupoint catgut weight loss market is chaotic, if do not add distinguishing to be carried out blindly, having the following 3 big risks.

One, steel needle disinfection is not strict

埋线减肥有副作用吗 小心这些事情

“Acupuncture point bury line to lose weight” is the main equipment steel needle and gut, for these two instruments, abroad have as disposable supplies, domestic normal hospital also are promoting the use of disposable needles, although not importune, but do it at least one needle, used to after a professional high pressure steam sterilization, and this is not normal hospital is hard to do. General hospital disinfection is to put steel needle mostly immerse in alcohol, but alcohol can kill bacterium only, wait for a virus to second liver, third liver to do not have action.

Especially in the volatile alcohol concentration, may not reach 75%, disinfection effect will be worse. And steel needle is inserted after human body acupuncture point, the likelihood can touch break capillary, so, if be being used repeatedly, steel needle did not pass sufficient high temperature high pressure disinfection, between person and person, spread blood kind of disease very easily each other, the disease with the most easy infection is second liver and AIDS.

Second, the donor has problems

埋线减肥有副作用吗 小心这些事情

Does bury a line to reduce weight to have side effect

Without professional training, if not familiar with the body’s acupuncture points or anatomical structure, it is prone to danger. Acupoint buried-wire weight loss “is actually an extension of acupuncture and moxibustion weight loss, is a kind of medical means of invasion of the human body, although the needle is not in the fatal key parts, but by the needle in the case of hunger, weakness, fatigue, prone to needle sickness.

Three, buried line azimuth grasp bad, may appear depression or nerve damage

“Acupoint catgut implantation” requires that half of the gut be implanted in the fat layer and half in the muscle. If not properly, the wires are simply implanted into the fat layer, which will cause the fat to liquefy and the buried part of the wires to appear hollow. If the wrong acupuncture point, serious will also damage the body’s nerves. According to the regulations, this invasive and traumatic behavior is a medical behavior, and the donor must hold the “doctor qualification certificate” and “doctor practice certificate”, and the place is stipulated in the medical institution. If be in outside the hospital diagnosis and treatment, should approve through wholesome administration branch and put on record.

Additional, Chinese medicine is divided for fat element much model, if have spleen-deficient phlegm is wet model, expression symptom is tired lack of power, muscle flabby, although appetite is bad, feed not pharynx, but still fat as before. Spleen-stomach solid heat type, bad breath, constipation, yellow urine, strong muscle, and large appetite, easy to hunger.

Liver Yang is on hyperactive model, companion has hypertension more, sleep more dream and grumpy wait for a symptom more. There are spleen, lung and kidney qi deficiency type, sweating, lethargy, lethargy, waist and knee weakness, lower limb edema or systemic edema, as the saying goes, “drink cold water also President of the meat” is such. Chong ren disorder, the symptoms are menstrual disorders, such as hip fat edema. Blood stasis is common in people who become obese after a car accident or contusion.

The taboo that bury a line to reduce weight

Bury a line to reduce weight contraindication to basically have two respects. This method is a new form of medical treatment, and it is important to consult a professional doctor before taking it. Children, pregnant women, patients with skin diseases and infectious diseases should not lose weight. Some friends bury the existence after the line adverse reaction, the body is aglow reach bilge, high fever or allergy to wait, this also should take seriously rise.

埋线减肥有副作用吗 小心这些事情

Western medical institutions use disposable needles when conducting “wired weight loss”. Regular hospital advocate “one person one needle”, after steel needle edible should undertake autoclonal steam sterilization disinfection. But the disinfection of a lot of small hairdressing establishment often puts steel needle in alcohol bubble, this kind of method can kill bacterium only, but cannot deal with the virus such as second liver, third liver and AIDS. So, everybody must not be in “3 without” beauty parlour orgnization undertakes bury line to reduce weight. Acupoint catch-embedding can also assist in the treatment of insomnia, forgetfulness, fatigue, waist and knee acid and soft, irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

The principle that bury a line to reduce weight

埋线减肥有副作用吗 小心这些事情

Does bury a line to reduce weight to have side effect

Buried-wire weight loss is the extension and development of acupuncture and moxibustion.

It is to use cat-embedding apparatus to implant the protein magnetized lines into the corresponding acupoints. Through the thread body, it can stimulate the acupoints continuously and effectively (the thread is naturally dissolved and absorbed in the body for 10 days to 3 months), so as to achieve the goal of weight loss. This law bures a line 15 days or so 1 time, absolved fat patient everyday “needle” the trouble of one time and anguish, it is busy the law reducing weight of modern first selection.

Acupuncture point bury line weight is according to the patient’s individual differences, different symptoms, different obesity mechanism, to carry on the reasonable and effective choose acupuncture point of syndrome differentiation, in the corresponding acupuncture points into protein magnetization line, surgery with gut (in line, long-term generation of needle), to achieve “the spleen and replenishing qi, regulating channels, releasing cold temperature, harmonize qi and blood, Yin and Yang”, so as to adjust the plant nerve and endocrine function of patients.

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