Abdomen how fast reduce weight small method helps you bid farewell to adipose

How to lose weight fast? The belly is a very easy place to put on fat, and now many people also have a small or fat belly, especially some people who often sit for a long time. So how to lose weight fast? Below small make up how to tell you about abdomen fast reduce weight, small method helps you bid farewell to adipose!

The method that abdomen reduces weight

Thin abdomen method: abdominal massage

If the skin is not very sensitive or dry, had better be able to go for the body every week cutin, cooperate product of a few thin body, make thin body nutrition composition is absorbed better by human body, be in at the same time cooperate fair food and proper motion to take exercise, have even abdomen not difficult.

Thin abdomen method two: the time maintains the abdomen tense condition

腹部怎么快速减肥 小方法帮你告别脂肪

Want advertent to maintain abdominal insecurity when at ordinary times, can do little action, pick up book action, sit-up for instance, perhaps always remember to maintain abdominal insecurity, advertent tighten abdomen, rise to hold out a bosom, hold to such state everyday, can shake off the proud flesh of abdomen easily easily.

Three: different parts of the abdomen have different methods

Strictly speaking, the abdomen is divided into the waist, abdomen, their obesity reasons are not the same. Appear big stomach king: if the metabolic rate of the body is reduced, lack motion to take exercise at ordinary times, and like to eat sweetmeat or cold drink, such proud flesh accumulates very easily on the place of abdomen. Accordingly should drink honey huss more in at ordinary times, eat a bit fruit, cut sweet tooth to take into, control quantity of heat and sugar take into.

Abdominal exercise

腹部怎么快速减肥 小方法帮你告别脂肪

How does abdomen reduce weight quickly

1. Stretch your legs while lying down

Do not look down upon lying to carry a leg this sport, want you to hold only, lying to carry a leg to be able to help you have small pretty waist oh, lying to carry a leg to use the power of abdominal muscle adequately, and it is the power of the lower part emphatically.

How to do it: lie on your back with your hands on each side and your feet crossed. Your abs should be firm and lift your legs, knees bent. Then put it down and repeat. As the movement is relatively simple, so must rely on the strength of the abdomen rather than the strength of the thighs to carry out.


Cycling is not about getting on a bike, it’s just evolved from the way you do it. You need to lie on the ground with your head in your hands. Bend your left knee close to your chest, rest your right elbow on your left knee, and lift your right shoulder. Switch sides again, bring your left elbow close to your right knee. And so on.

3. Vertical movement of staggered legs

Lie face up on the floor with your legs crossed and your hands on your head. Lift your legs up until they are perpendicular to the floor, and your head follows. Pause and take one breath at the highest point and repeat.

4. Abdominal plate movement

腹部怎么快速减肥 小方法帮你告别脂肪

Use abdominal muscle board can help you better thin abdomen, everybody can learn, the method is very simple. First you need to hold the handle of abdominal muscle board with both hands, the body is as far forward as possible unbend, then abdominal muscle is strong come back the body. During this stretch and contraction, the abdomen is well stretched.

5. Flat movement with arms and toes touching the ground

This plank exercise, similar to push-ups, which works on the stomach, back and other key parts of the body, also came in at number 10.

How to do it: lie face down with your front arm on the floor. Toes support the ground, the body is prone. Use your belly and arms to keep your body in the air, not your butt resting on the floor. Hold for 20 to 60 seconds, then drop and repeat.

6. Abdominal exercise

腹部怎么快速减肥 小方法帮你告别脂肪

How does abdomen reduce weight quickly

Everybody knows it! Whether at home or in the gym, tummy tucks are common equipment. Tummy tucks work very well, with the focus on the neck and arms.

Practice: sit on the belly wheel, holding the handrail position. Repeat 12 to 16 times with your abs contracting and leaning forward. Try using abdominal muscles instead of arm muscles.

Abdomen reduces weight dietotherapy prescription

Eat lots of orange fruit

The orange fruits in our lives are oranges, oranges, bananas, pears and a whole range of other fruits. In addition to being rich in dietary fiber, they can also help us feel full and provide us with rich vitamin C and carrot materials, which can help us reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat.

Eat more fish and eggs

Researchers from the university of Copenhagen, Denmark, found that eating more fish and eggs, which contain a lot of high-quality protein, can make people feel full, so it can help to lose weight, especially people over 40 years old can also reduce belly fat.

Eat more foods that contain selenium

Selenium forms selenoprotein and selenase in the human body, which can not only fight cancer, but also reduce the incidence of abdominal obesity. Foods rich in selenium include yeast, eggs, beer, seafood and animal offal. The recommended daily intake of dietary nutrients for people over 18 years old is 50 micrograms per day, according to the reference intake of dietary nutrients for Chinese residents.

Eat fat in moderation

腹部怎么快速减肥 小方法帮你告别脂肪

Fat in the body is constitute one of the important components of our body tissues and cells, it can have very good protection and maintain body temperature, therefore, in the usual life we should appropriate intake of fat, and after the Spanish scientists found often eat some olive oil and flax seed oil, walnut oil, and fish is good to help us stay slim.

Abdominal easy accumulation of fat reasons

Sit for a long time and drink less water

I believe many office workers are just like me. They have no time to drink water when they are busy with their work. Without the power that water makes bodily function motion, visceral adipose more do not have “courage” ego combustion, cannot look for an opportunity to eduction body, of course more and more.

Skip breakfast

腹部怎么快速减肥 小方法帮你告别脂肪

How does abdomen reduce weight quickly

Many office workers sacrifice breakfast time to get more sleep in the morning or to get ready for the day with makeup. This way, your abdominal cavity will be completely empty of water and nutrients all morning, giving you plenty of room to store visceral fat.

3. Over-nutrition in lunch

This is not wrong, but many office workers because of the vacancy of breakfast, noon will eat a lot of things to meet the body function action, so that the digestive system tired, fat stay in the abdominal cavity, visceral fat formed so!

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