Ten rules for losing weight during your period do them right and you’ll lose weight

What are the principles of losing weight during menstruation? Believe a lot of people have heard period is ok those who reduce weight, but how should ability health science reduce weight when be in period after all? Below small make up to tell you about the period of the ten principles of weight loss, do them let you suddenly thin oh!

Ten principles for losing weight during your period

One, eat seriously

Many people like to watch TV or chat while eating, so their mind is always focused on other things instead of eating.

经期减肥的十大原则 做好它们让你暴瘦

Therefore, there is no definite answer to how much food one has eaten. Such uncontrolled eating is very easy to gain weight. So when having a meal, be about to take seriously really eat, chew slowly pharynx, such ability control quantity of heat truly.

Watch out for drink traps

We often think that losing weight is all about cutting out carbs, so most of us turn our attention to juices that we think are very healthy.

经期减肥的十大原则 做好它们让你暴瘦

Ten principles for losing weight during your period

But what we don’t realize is that most delicious drinks contain a lot of added sugar, which can also make us fat.

So in addition to making your own natural juices, water is the safest option.

Three, weight loss into life

Maintain the good figure that makes a person envy, be about to bring reduce weight in daily life, always seek accurate opportunity to come thin body. Notice to rest at ordinary times, cultivate healthy life habit, often bubble bath, massage also can reduce the adipose inside body, model the curve of the body.

At the same time can also effectively prevent obesity, let proud flesh away from themselves. Of course, the confidence to lose weight is also very important.

Four, simply move

Although lazy people don’t like sports, proper activities are very necessary. We don’t need to force ourselves to do the sports that we don’t like.

But can find the opportunity of mobile body in the life however, the interval of the job stands up to twist waist to kick kick a leg, can prevent adipose accumulation, the word that has an opportunity as far as possible walks about, can help the body use up quantity of heat likewise.

经期减肥的十大原则 做好它们让你暴瘦

Give up fast food and junk food

You have to give up fast food and junk food (like Fried chicken and instant noodles) and get into the habit of not eating junk food.

Ditch the junk food altogether (stay away from your junk-eating friends, at least while you’re on a diet) and replace it with green tea or fruit.

Be careful at parties

经期减肥的十大原则 做好它们让你暴瘦

Ten principles for losing weight during your period

Usually have a lot of food and drink in the party, and we often because happy form and ignore the diet control, so there is no need for the dinner party to minimize, dinner with friends and family and also try to choose low-calorie food nutrition, and control the intake of calories, if eat too much, will think of some way to absorb more of the calories consumed.

Don’t eat sweets on purpose

When menstruation is proper, eat a few sweet food to be helpful for health and reduce weight, but absorb excessive sweet food to be able to bring about blood sugar of human body not stable, aggravate the unwell symptom of menstruation.

Eat high-fiber foods

Fiber-rich foods, such as vegetables, fruits, whole-wheat bread, brown rice and oats, promote the release of mood hormones, increase the amount of magnesium in the blood, help regulate menstruation and calm nerves.

Nine, eat some snacks to lose weight appropriately

If you feel hungry between meals, don’t be hungry. Eat foods rich in B vitamins such as walnuts, cashews and dried beans. This will not only give you some energy, but also help you control your appetite and appetite so that you don’t eat too much at the next meal.

Get enough protein

经期减肥的十大原则 做好它们让你暴瘦

Protein is important for health and weight loss. You can eat more meat, eggs, beans, tofu and other protein-rich foods at lunch time, so that you can replenish nutrients and minerals lost during your period.

How does period undertake motion reduce weight

Reduce your intensity

Menstruation is a physiological phenomenon in which the endometrium of mature women periodically exfoliates itself. Endometrial exfoliation naturally causes trauma and bleeding, so the female body is in a more vulnerable state.

So the whole period of weight loss, to pay attention to the appropriate reduction in the amount of exercise, exercise time and frequency should be reduced.

经期减肥的十大原则 做好它们让你暴瘦

Ten principles for losing weight during your period

Take different exercises in different time periods

During your period of 1-3 days, do gentle stretches or simple stretches such as walking or sitting yoga.

Light exercise helps the body’s blood flow during periods and relieves stress. Avoid putting pressure on the abdominal cavity and lifting the leg too high during exercise. In case of fatigue or sudden increase or decrease of blood loss, stop exercising immediately.

Period 4-5 days, the body began to recover, can start to walk, jogging and other aerobic exercise.

Keep warm during your period

Keep warm when you exercise during your period. If you don’t keep warm in time, you will be vulnerable to wind, which may lead to menstrual cramps.

经期减肥的十大原则 做好它们让你暴瘦

If the symptoms of physical discomfort during exercise are not alleviated but strengthened, you should stop exercising immediately.

Be sure to avoid the following exercise when losing weight during your period

1, menstruation reduces weight to want to avoid the motion of lumbar abdomen hair force, wait like hula circle.

经期减肥的十大原则 做好它们让你暴瘦

Ten principles for losing weight during your period

Do handstands, such as asanas in yoga.

3, water sports, such as swimming, easy to infect bacteria. Accordingly also should not undertake bubble bath during menstruation, dish bath.

4, intense sports, such as rope skipping, fast running, high leg, boxing and so on.

Period reduces weight drink what tea is good

Do not want to exercise, do not want to be on a diet, also do not want to spend money to go up beautiful body center, how can ability shake off fat of thick proud flesh. Here are 11 homemade fat-reducing teas to help you slim down without spending a dime.

Mesotherapy tea

Materials: tea, ginger, myrobalan peel and so on.

Usage: first tea, Chekhov peel add water 1 bowl, make it hot, and then add ginger decoction.

Efficacy: cure accumulated food and lose weight.

经期减肥的十大原则 做好它们让你暴瘦

Ganoderma lucidum tea

Ingredients: 10 grams of ganoderma, a little green tea.

Usage: cut the ganoderma into thin slices, brew with boiling water and add green tea to drink.

Efficacy: tonify qi, strengthen muscles and bones, and maintain youth.

经期减肥的十大原则 做好它们让你暴瘦0

Ten principles for losing weight during your period

Fleece-flower root tea

Ingredients: green tea, polygonum multiflorum, alisma orientalis, salvia miltiorrhiza.

Usage: add water to decoction, remove dregs and drink. One dose per day, drink in batches at will.

Efficacy: beauty, fat reduction, weight loss.

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