Do you choose to run on the road or on the treadmill without damaging your knees?

People who like running or love to lose weight, dear friends, running must be their favorite, so everyone’s running place is different, but we all know that long-term incorrect running will have damage to the knee, especially fat people, so for road running and machine running will have running friends ask which damage the knee more?

减肥跑步 你会选择路跑还是机跑才不会损伤膝盖呢?

A good quality treadmill, in fact, its track system is a good shock absorber design, its shock absorption effect is even better than the plastic runway, far more than the general asphalt pavement and cement road facing lower limb impact is much smaller.

As for the rumors of a broken knee, most of them come from beginners who don’t know their pace, fitness or endurance. Because a lot of beginning runner just began to run to run on treadmill, do not know oneself should run how many speed, how many speed is a safe speed to oneself, often look on the side other people set 12 or 10 speed, also run this speed.

减肥跑步 你会选择路跑还是机跑才不会损伤膝盖呢?

Plus the people are often injured at the same time different from ordinary people have a strong self-esteem and endurance and stamina, running at a speed of unsuitable for an hour, also do not know to run a rest the recovery principle, or the first few days running 5 kilometers, do not, then on 10 kilometers, the injury not in violation of the principle.

What does this have to do with the treadmill? ! Unscientific running method, no matter what high-tech cushioning shock absorbers running shoes, again good equipment, again good nutrition supplement is of no help. Running on a slope puts more pressure on the muscles and joints than running without a slope, but as long as you run scientifically and step by step, you will have no problem.

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