Effective acupoints cupping weight loss eight points healthy weight loss

[introduction] what are the effective acupoints of cupping therapy for weight loss? Cupping is now using traditional Chinese medicine cupping method to lose weight, it has a lot of benefits. So what are the effective acupoints of cupping for weight loss? Below small make up to tell you about the effective acupoint cupping weight loss, eight acupoints to help you lose weight!

Can improve the immunity of eight acupoints cupping

One, the head, baihui acupuncture point

拔罐减肥的有效穴位 八大穴位健康减肥

Note: according to the research, we can know that baihui point has a certain impact on immune function, so we can achieve the effect of improving immunity by cupping baihui point. Moxibustion baihui point can significantly improve the total complement content, serum immunoglobulin, total number of blood white blood cells and other indicators of rabbit serum.

Two, cervical vertebra, big vertebra acupoint

Note: scientific experiments have proved that stimulation of dazhui acupoint has a certain effect on improving immune function. Acupuncture at dazhui acupoints can improve the complement titer, and single acupuncture at dazhui acupoints can increase the white blood cells. Moxibustion or electroacupuncture at dazhui and zusanli can improve the phagocytic function of reticuloendothelial system. The phagocytic function of reticuloendothelial system of liver was also enhanced in rats treated with dazhui and other acupoints, and the phagocytic capacity was up to 56.8%.

Three, the chest, the whole chest

拔罐减肥的有效穴位 八大穴位健康减肥

Cupping is an effective acupoint for weight loss

Scraping around the chest is the key to any vein, from the day process through xuanji, canopy, purple palace, yutang, CV middle to the atrium, scraping from the top down can stimulate the thymus, thymus cone shape, composed of asymmetric left and right two leaves. The greater part of the thymus lies in the ventral portion of the upper mediastinum, and the lesser part descends into the anterior mediastinum. One in the chest and one in the neck. The part of the thorax lying between the sternum and the pericardium. In the neck, behind the sternohyoid and sternothyroid muscles, in front and on both sides of the trachea, the upper end can sometimes reach to the lower margin of the thyroid gland.

Note: the thymus is both a lymphatic organ and an endocrine organ. Thymus culture of T cells plays an important role in cellular immunity. In addition, the thymus produces hormone-like substances such as thymin and thymopoietin.

Four, abdomen, epigastric

Note: the experiment proves that moxibustion on zhongwan point can improve the immune defense function of the body very well, and we can also perform cupping therapy on zhongwan point in daily life. For example, in the experimental study on mice, moxibustion with “zhongwan” was performed once every other day for a total of three times, and the phagocytic activity of macrophages in liver, spleen and abdominal cavity was measured respectively. The results showed that the phagocytic activity of moxibustion group was enhanced to some extent compared with the control group. However, liver and abdominal phagocytes showed the most significant activity (P

Back, shen shu

Note: scientific experiments have shown that acupuncture on shenshu can stimulate the phagocytosis of reticuloendothelial system. For example, acupuncture on zusanli and shenshu once can obviously enhance the function of macrophages in rabbits.

拔罐减肥的有效穴位 八大穴位健康减肥

Six, upper limb ministry, close valley

Note: scientific experiments showed that acupuncture li4 play a regulatory role of the immune system, is given priority to with li4 or foot three mile, according to do work on 70 patients before and after the curative, inactive three roses and lymphocyte transformation test results show that the cellular immunity is low or general level before needle patients more hasten is improved, the improvement of three test average of 12.7 ~ 13.0 (P

Seven, lower limb department, foot three mile

拔罐减肥的有效穴位 八大穴位健康减肥

Cupping is an effective acupoint for weight loss

Note: scientific experiments show that acupuncture on zusanli has a certain impact on immune function. It has been reported that acupuncture on zusanli in rabbits sensitized with cotton blue cells can prolong the maintenance time of antibodies in blood. The observation of granuloma cyst in zusanli by acupuncture showed that acupuncture could inhibit the permeability of lesion and reduce inflammatory exudation. Still can restrain the swim of phlogistic leucocyte.

Eight, lower limbs department, three Yin hand

Note: according to the scientific experiment, the amount of lymphocyte and lymphocyte can be significantly increased after acupuncture, and T lymphocyte can be significantly increased after acupuncture compared with before acupuncture.

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