Can you lose weight by cupping? Can you lose face

【 introduction 】 cupping can lose weight thin face? Cupping for weight loss is a very popular method of traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss. So can cupping lose weight and lose face? Below small make up to tell you about cupping can thin face, so good weight loss oh!

Cupping thin face effective

With the change of public aesthetics, more and more people prefer small V face and think small V is photogenic. Small V face wear what clothes all good-looking… So, how does a chubby face turn into a little V face? Cupping is a method of beauty is more recognized, it is through traditional Chinese medicine cupping to achieve the purpose of thin face. Below we will take a look at some acupoints cupping beauty thin face.

拔罐减肥能瘦脸吗 如此减肥效果好

Flash tank

Cupping on the surface should be quick and clever, it is called flash pot, if too slow it is easy to leave bruising on the face, counterproductive. Flash pot can promote facial blood circulation, long and can improve color, can play freckle and weight loss effect.

拔罐减肥能瘦脸吗 如此减肥效果好

Can cupping lose weight and lose face

Acupoint selection is the key

Classification and principles of cupping beauty — cupping beauty is the use of acupuncture, moxibustion method, tonifying viscera, swelling and dispersing, regulating qi and blood, so as to reduce or eliminate some physiological or pathological diseases affecting the appearance, and then to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body, delaying aging, beauty.

Will the hole

Prevent overeating and constipation. Left and right ear hole rises to, the vertex of that line after connecting in the head, it is bai hui acupoint namely.

It can help calm the mind and prevent overeating.

The temples

The flank between the eye and eyebrow, backward about 1 transverse point to, be close to hairline quickly. This acupuncture point can promote metabolism.

Save the bamboo cavity

拔罐减肥能瘦脸吗 如此减肥效果好

The depression under the brow is. Eye strain and headaches can cause puffiness around the eyes.

This acupuncture point can alleviate stomach discomfort.

St 1 point

拔罐减肥能瘦脸吗 如此减肥效果好

Can cupping lose weight and lose face

Located directly below the eyeball, about the edge of the eye bone. Because the person pouch of gastroptosis is easy flabby, so this acupuncture point can improve gastric ministry function, prevent pouch flabby thereby and reduce weight.

After the ball

Improves the function of the small intestine. Right below the tail of the eye, under the head of the cheek.

It can adjust the function of small intestine and help absorption and digestion.

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