The secret to losing weight fast during your period is that simple

What’s the secret to losing weight fast during your period? Believe that many people know that period is a very good period of weight loss, the use of good words can be effective weight loss. So how does period reduce weight quickly? Below small make up for everyone to bring fast period reduce weight secret book, actually reduce weight is so simple!

Period reduces weight the fastest secret book

1, master the “period” of natural weight loss

快速的经期减肥秘籍 减肥就是这么简单

I believe that many girls have such an experience: do not eat too much food, weight is increasing; Or you lose weight without doing any exercise. At this point, are you in doubt that you are not a normal person?

In fact, this phenomenon is very common. Because the change of female physiology cycle can make weight produces corresponding change, it is to say to be able to reduce weight slightly during physiology period, after physiology period, weight can increase slightly. You can achieve your weight loss goals if you focus on the good times.

Adjust your staple foods during the “optimal weight loss period.

快速的经期减肥秘籍 减肥就是这么简单

Fast menstrual weight loss tips

When the second day after your cycle is the best time to lose weight, avoid eating more than one meal of staple foods (cereals, rice, bread, etc.) on this day. Cut down on your sugar intake.

We suggest you do more exercise in this day, take staple food in lunch only, breakfast and dinner take some other food besides staple food, such as fruit, vegetable, but need not reduce quantity.

3, adjust the staple food to do gymnastics the next day

Because absorb staple food in lunch only, the 2nd day after adjusting so, you can measure your weight, should be able to reduce 1 kilogram (2 jins).

Before eating breakfast, come motion motion, use to jump gymnastics will burn the redundant adipose inside your body, achieve the effect of thin body thereby. But must bear in mind, must do before eating breakfast, otherwise, not only cannot reduce weight, and can rebound, again why?

Adjust your staple foods a week apart

When you are done, you can go back to your normal eating habits, wait until the same day a week later, and repeat steps 2 and 3.

But what should notice is, before physiology period comes a few days, and physiology period, because reduce weight the effect is not very good, and the weight of itself also can reduce a bit, because this should stop above all action, after waiting for physiology period, continue to reduce weight plan again.

快速的经期减肥秘籍 减肥就是这么简单

If you are a female friend who wants to lose weight, you can make good use of the important time of losing weight during menstruation. The harm that reduces weight to the body in menstruation period also is smaller, so everybody need not worry.

Menstrual slimming tetralogy

A song – thin retention period

快速的经期减肥秘籍 减肥就是这么简单

Fast menstrual weight loss tips

Time calculation: 1~7 days after MC starts

Physical performance: when MC comes, due to the decreased secretion of progesterone, you start to feel depressed and depressed, feeling under great pressure, and often feel depressed and lose temper for no reason. If this period of insufficient sleep, excessive fatigue, easy to appear in the eyes around the temporary pigmentation; On the second and third days of MC, the skin becomes very sensitive and the resistance decreases, and you may have physical pain and bad mood. In addition, the hormone secretion decreases, and the skin becomes extremely dry and the pores become enlarged. This change usually disappears naturally on the fourth and fifth days after the beginning of menstruation.

Thin body success index:

Accelerated weight loss program:

1. The recommended exercise time at this stage is 3-5 hours per week.

Don’t try to lose weight by going on a diet or exercising excessively at this stage. Instead, focus on getting in shape. MC is also a good time to build a strong and handsome figure in the early stage, while excessive dieting may easily lead to dehydration but cannot lose fat.

3, you can choose gentle free hand exercises, such as simplified taijiquan, pilates and so on.

If you’re still feeling anxious before doing some freehand exercises, it helps to go for a walk, a jog, or a slow skate.

快速的经期减肥秘籍 减肥就是这么简单

Love prompt:

This phase, your motion intensity reducing weight and time are unfavorable and excessive. Also avoid sports that require skill and reflexes. Tennis and squash are not good for this.

Part ii – peak slimming season

快速的经期减肥秘籍 减肥就是这么简单

Fast menstrual weight loss tips

Time calculation: 7~14 days after MC

Physiological manifestations: women generally ovulate on the 14th day of MC, estrogen secretion starts to decrease after reaching the peak, while progesterone secretion starts to increase. When estrogen and androgen are secreted exuberant, can quicken the absorption of carbohydrate, adipose, protein inside body and use up, so the before a week in oviposit period is the optimal period that does aerobic exercise. This is the best time of the month for you to feel alive, both mentally and physically, and enjoy sports and challenges.

Thin body success index:

Try a variety of cardio exercises that interest you

Accelerated weight loss program:

1. Try to keep the exercise frequency at 2 hours every day or every other day, and keep at least 7 hours of exercise per week.

2, the most effective way to lose weight is to ask a personal trainer to help you make a weight loss exercise plan, let him know your menstrual cycle, he will let you achieve the ideal state of movement and weight loss goals in this period of time.

快速的经期减肥秘籍 减肥就是这么简单

3. Running, swimming and cycling are especially easy to burn calories and are the best choices for people who want to lose weight.

At this point, you can try all kinds of aerobic exercises that you are interested in, such as rhythmic exercise, Latin dance, ballet and so on. This is a time when your physical fitness and receptivity are superb, and not exercising is a waste of time.

Limit your intake of high-calorie, high-fat foods

快速的经期减肥秘籍 减肥就是这么简单

Fast menstrual weight loss tips

Trilogy – slim fast period

Time calculation: 14~21 days after MC

Physiological expression: the week after oviposit period, oviposit hormone action turns strong, but because progestin is secreted, skin condition is not stable then. You won’t feel anything special during this time, but problems are brewing in the week before your period, your sebum is secreting more and more, melanin is activated, you may develop acne, and your mood may become more ups and downs, sometimes calm, sometimes irritable.

Thin body success index:

Accelerated weight loss program:

1, but now the favorable period of thin body, although the effect may not be as obvious as the last stage, but still can get good thin body performance. It is recommended that JMs stay active for more than 6 hours a week.

Treadmill, aerobics, and some machine exercises can help you burn calories during this time, while tennis and ball exercises are the best choices.

3, if there is no time to go to the gym, you can choose skipping as a way to slim down, every morning and evening jump 200 or more, the effect is very obvious.

4, the best use of days off to go outdoors for long-distance running, mountain climbing and other long-term endurance aerobic exercise, fat and heat are excellent consumption.

快速的经期减肥秘籍 减肥就是这么简单

Don’t overdo it

Tetralogy – a period of slow weight reduction

Time calculation: 21~28 days after MC

Physiological manifestations: the secretion of progesterone reaches a peak from week 3, and starts to decline from week 4. Longer aerobic exercise can be done from day 20 to 24, but from day 24 to 28, the time, frequency and intensity of exercise should be gradually reduced. This is a time when your feelings are more complex, when your energy is high in the early stages, but low in the later stages. Because suffer the effect of hormone inside body, hormone of secrete corpus luteum inside the body is very active, cause hypodermic and adipose at the same time active, state of body and mind begins to be not stable, the meeting on the face has fat and acne condition, right now you are about to return initial physiology state again.

Thin body success index:

快速的经期减肥秘籍 减肥就是这么简单0

Fast menstrual weight loss tips

Continue with the previous phase of aerobic exercise

Accelerated weight loss program:

You can continue the previous phase of aerobic exercise with some strength training for about three hours a week.

Recreational, competitive sports like swimming can help calm your mood and reduce premenstrual syndrome.

3, might as well carry on 30 minutes yoga to practice everyday, can make your body soft, the mood is serenely, at the same time appropriate pelvic extend posture can promote haemal circulation, reduce oedema and dysmenorrhea.

If you prefer the gym, take the time (at least 20 minutes) every day to work out on the dance machine, rowing machine, or treadmill.

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