Swimming coach certificate, how to obtain swimming coach qualification!




3. Senior “swimming coach qualification” :

(1) have a diploma of technical secondary school or above in sports major, and have been engaged in the work of this industry for more than 5 years after obtaining the intermediate qualification certificate of this industry.

(2) after obtaining the intermediate professional qualification certificate, he/she has been engaged in the work of the industry for more than 3 years, has reached the required number of class hours through the senior formal training of the industry, and has obtained the graduation (completion) certificate through the examination.

Specific sign up you can go each big natatorium seeks advice, there is in charge of commonly, wish you are lucky!

First you have to be able to swim, get a deep water license, subject is to swim 200 meters. Natatorium has the qualification that issues deep water card commonly.

Secondly, I passed the exam for swimming lifeguards. The subjects of the exam include 25m fast swimming for 20 seconds, 25m underwater swimming, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Finally, take the coach exam. At least three standard strokes are required. See specific place swimming association asks.

You can go to fina’s website to check the local exam schedule. Can also go to the more formal natatorium consulting, lifeguards inside, coaches know.

Above is to obtain swim coach card relevant program, in general it is to need to pass assessment to obtain, you must know how to swim above all, have certain requirement on cultural course next, lowest need technical secondary school graduates, of course final exam is to need your practice swims achievement to amount to mark to just go!

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