Can run reduce weight? These running weight loss common sense you need to understand

Speaking of weight loss, believe that more than half of the people think, running is a good choice, yes, running this a comprehensive sports program, can be very good belt to give you the effect of weight loss, but the premise is that you want to master the science of running weight loss common sense, to learn it together.
Common sense of running weight loss:
Understand the scientific basis of running weight loss
If your running exercise is to lose weight, then, you must understand that it is to run as an aerobic exercise to carry out, so, when running at a slow pace, in the duration, also can not be short, so, jogging for more than 30 minutes, to have the effect of weight loss.
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Common sense of running weight loss ii:
Warm-up exercises cannot be ignored
Warm-up exercise may seem to have no effect on weight loss, but it can get your body into a state of exercise in the shortest possible time to prepare for the purpose of weight loss. Warm-up exercises don’t have to be extreme, you just need to stretch your body, soft your joints, let your body slowly into the state of movement.
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Common sense of running weight loss 3:
Losing weight by running at night is not as good as losing weight by running in the morning
Morning run can feel pure and fresh air not only, at the same time, your body is in the process of running, besides the adipose that can choose to burn you besides, without other optional, reduce weight the effect is super apparent. Contrary, although run in the evening also can have the effect that reduce weight, but, the superfluous energy sugar inside running body can be consumed automatically first in the evening body, undertake burning fat again, so, you need to spend more time, ability has the effect that reduce weight.
Common sense of running weight loss 4:
Running to lose weight requires perseverance
If your running is three days fishing and two days drying the net, then, the effect of weight loss is difficult to reflect, running weight loss needs a process, you need to persevere to carry on, therefore, in the time of running the best is continuous uninterrupted.
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The simple cognition that running can lose weight is wrong, if you want to really achieve the effect of running to lose weight, then, above small make up bring you, the common knowledge about running to lose weight, you should understand oh.

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