Why should you warm up before running

This is a necessary pre-run activity because running is a sport that requires the use of your heart, lungs and muscles, and your heart rate is much higher than your daily heart rate.

If a person’s heart rate is around 80 on a daily basis, even for more relaxed running, it often exceeds 140, an increase of 75%.

跑步前为什么要热身 你得注意了

If the body does not warm up and jumps from non-exercise to exercise, the blood circulation will increase and the heart will suddenly bear a higher blood pumping pressure. Imagine a car that goes up to 5000 RPM as soon as it’s started. The engine won’t die, but its life will be shortened. And the heart is the engine of the human body, and we don’t want our hearts to die prematurely.

跑步前为什么要热身 你得注意了

In addition, running also requires more muscle strength. If the muscle lacks sufficient heat and starts to contract and relax frequently, it is more likely to cause cramps and acute strains.

So, for our health and better running, it is necessary to warm up before running. But if you use stretching before running instead of warming up, Lao wang is not recommended, because the muscles before running are cold and lack a certain degree of heat. Stretching makes the muscles contract and stretch more dramatically than running, which is easier to strain.

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