Office exercise weight loss weight loss work at the same time

办公室运动减肥 瘦身工作两不误

Office exercise weight loss method

Use the stairs as a gym

Even if you’re super busy, you can take the stairs to boost your metabolism and endorphins. Try taking the first step two steps at a time, then each step of the next step, and step faster. This will allow you to carve out a little time each day for exercise.

2, suspension horse step

This simple office workout is one of the most effective exercise regimens. Specific motion: stand as far as possible straight body, double shoulder is loosened. Touch the upper with upturned toes to keep the foot smooth. ? Keep your back straight and your hips in the air. Keep 2.5cm away from the seat. Note that the vertical position of the knees should be behind the toes, with hip muscles straight upper body.

Sitting also helps your legs

So how do you exercise in an office chair? Experts have come up with a set of micro-motion routines: first, put a pillow on your waist; At the same time, the hand, wrist and forearm are in a straight line, the forearm on the desk at right angles to the elbow; Then the head and body remain straight, slightly forward; Then, bend your elbows close to your body, 90 to 120 degrees. Shoulders relaxed, upper arm natural droop; Put your feet flat on the floor.

Work on a fitness ball

Still sitting on the chair? Well, you’re really behind The Times. The modern thing is to replace a traditional chair with a fitness ball. That means sitting on a ball, not a chair or floor, whether you’re in the office or at a health club. The goal is to keep your body in balance by constantly adjusting your posture and moving your meridians.

5. Arms bend and stretch

Hold the bottle behind your head with your elbows bent. Grasp the bottle with your other hand bent behind your back. This can make the arm muscles and triceps brachii get exercise, effectively eliminate the arm. Bye bye meat & throughout; .

办公室运动减肥 瘦身工作两不误

6, yoga

First straighten your right leg, then your left leg, and stretch your arms forward over your ears along the sides of your head. Hold for a count of time, tightening hips. Next, put down the left leg and put on the right leg.

Pulley movement

Pulleys are a great way to strengthen your abdominal muscles and strengthen your core. When you’re on a boring conference call, what better way to do that than by taking five minutes? Standing behind the back of a chair, put your hands straight up on the back of the chair and squat, breathing in and out of your belly, focusing on your core muscles. Now, slowly slide the chair forward to your limit, keeping your knees still. When you feel like you’re about to squat down, pull your chair back. Do three repetitions in groups of ten. Remember to quietly let the phone go so that the person on the other end of the line doesn’t hear you groan (this exercise only works on a chair with wheels).

8. Standing stereo lateral flexion

The feet are slightly wider than the shoulders, with the tip of the right foot outstretched, the left foot slightly buttoned in, and both arms raised horizontally. Bend your body to the right. Hold your right ankle with your right hand. Look at the direction between the fingers of your left hand. Pause for about 5-10 seconds, then slowly return, alternating sides. Stand stereo side bend, can eliminate waist two side proud flesh.

Lower your hips and waist

Sit on the chair, hands on hip side, two hands grasp the edge of the chair, legs naturally bent. After sitting, arms force straightly prop up the body, hip leaves chair face slowly, double leg extends a bit the ground forward. ? Slowly bend your elbows and slowly bring your hips to the floor without touching it. Hold for 3 seconds, slowly lift your body back to the starting position, and repeat many times.

10, half squat

This is probably the best exercise for out-of-shape hips and legs! Stand in front of your chair and sit down slowly until your butt touches the chair. Push your heels and keep your chest straight. Squeeze your hips and stand up. Do three times in groups and repeat ten times. The hands can be on the hips or extended forward for balance.

办公室运动减肥 瘦身工作两不误

Lean on the table

When doing push-ups, your desk and chair are the perfect tools to help you achieve great results. If you already know how to do a push-up, you can make it more challenging by placing your feet on a chair or table. If you have no confidence, you can use the table or chair as a platform, so that your body will not be so difficult to press down. This move can train chest muscle, one group 3 times, do 10 groups.

After dinner “ Stand & throughout; Half an hour

In the space of the office cubicle, after eating lunch, always feel sleepy. Some pay attention to the health of the white-collar came up with a small trick: eat the meal after the initiative “ Penalty stand & throughout; . Experts say, this is a healthy behavior, because the long-term sedentary working mode, easy to make the body blood circulation and digestive system disorders, metabolic levels. Standing for a while after eating helps to absorb and digest food. After the meal stands 20-30 minutes advisable, last time cannot too long, can go against hematic circulation of lower body otherwise.

13. Spiral twist

Keep your legs straight and your right leg across your left leg while keeping your right leg straight. Twist your upper body to the ground on your right hand, your left elbow close to your right knee, and you will feel the muscles in your lower back stretching in a twisting motion. This action will help you get rid of back pain. Hold for 10 seconds on each side and repeat 3 times.

Business flights

Effectively train the leg and waist muscles of office workers. Stand straight with your head and shoulders pulled back. Stand in this position on one leg. Lean over and lift the other leg behind you. Hold this position for 3 seconds, then return to the standing position, repeat several times, and change legs after a minute.

In addition, cycling to work, outdoor jogging instead of treadmill, raising flowers and grass in their own several methods, are very good low carbon weight loss method. Riding bicycle not only can reduce weight, but also can make a body well-proportioned. Because cycling is an exercise that requires a lot of oxygen, it can also strengthen the heart and prevent high blood pressure, sometimes more than drugs. Jogging outside instead of the treadmill and planting flowers and grass in your own home are all great ways to lose weight.

办公室运动减肥 瘦身工作两不误

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