What does the disadvantage that passes afternoon not to eat have to pass afternoon not to eat to you can reduce weight really

过午不食的坏处有哪些 过午不食真的能减肥吗

This saying comes from Buddhism. Monks usually do not have much physical labor. They practice meditation after every meal, in order to keep a clear mind and avoid drowsiness. Nanhuaijin lay scholar once said he did not eat after lunch experience: training for a long time from three bowls of rice reduced to half a bowl of rice, finally quit completely do not eat is the most difficult. Even with the method of eating a few peanuts, finally reached the afternoon not to eat.

He is to reduce his food bit by bit, achieve an end eventually, but he is done not be to reduce weight, want to clean up intestines and stomach however, maintain clear head, desire cannot bear.

Another saying is that the ancient Chinese people are two meals a day, after noon do not eat. However, the ancient time of rest and rest is sunrise, sunset, generally work in the morning, to 9, 10 o ‘clock to eat the first meal, to 3, 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon to eat the second meal, sleep early at night, naturally do not have to eat the third meal. Now the pace of life is completely different from the ancient times, of course, not according to the ancient way of eating.

过午不食的坏处有哪些 过午不食真的能减肥吗

But now does not eat this view is used as a shortcut to lose weight, but why we mention healthy weight loss, against this method.

1. Modern people work at a fast pace. They get up at 6 or 7 o ‘clock in the morning and go to bed after 10 o ‘clock in the evening.

First, hypoglycemia can stimulate the cardiovascular system, resulting in myocardial infarction, stroke, arrhythmia and other diseases.

Second, long-term hypoglycemia will cause insufficient energy supply to the brain and reduce the working efficiency of the brain. Serious hypoglycemia will also cause irreversible damage to the central nervous system and cause dementia and other diseases.

Third, too long hypoglycemia may lead to coma, if not found for a long time is very dangerous, and may even cause death.

Fourth, if you are diabetic, hypoglycemia will lead to unstable blood sugar, aggravating the disease.

过午不食的坏处有哪些 过午不食真的能减肥吗

2, there are always people who show how much weight they lost by skipping dinner. No food after noon. The diet works. It does seem to work on a scale. However, most of the weight loss from not eating is due to the water in our body, which is actually very easy to see, such as a run, a sweat, weight will be lighter, because the water is evaporated with sweat.

Secondly, it is true that we have lost weight, not only water, but also our muscles. Fat people, the body is a muscle, but the muscle is surrounded by fat. Our body cells remember, and when we’re chronically hungry or semi-hungry, the body is afraid of not having enough energy to go around every day, so it does one thing: it converts muscle into fat for energy storage! Because there is nothing else to turn into fat, but it has to maintain the daily physical exercise of all kinds of energy, helpless, can only sacrifice the muscle. So why are so many people who work out, even though they’re not fat at all, not light on the scale? Because muscles of the same size weigh more than fat. When muscles are turned into fat, the weight of course looks lighter, but the health of the body slowly disappears.

3, long-term do not eat dinner, will lead to inadequate supply of body organs of nutrition, human immunity will naturally decline, and then, waiting for us is the invasion of various diseases.

4, if you have gastrointestinal diseases, if you do not eat after noon, because the human body digestive enzyme secretion is divided into early, middle and late three times a day, when the stomach has been empty at night, gastric acid will stimulate the stomach wall, eventually aggravate the disease, but the opposite is true.

Healthy weight loss, must follow. Shut up and stretch your legs. Methods. Do not eat in the evening, should control comprehensive energy input reasonably however, when breakfast, Chinese meal ate the food of high quantity of heat, evening nature should control quantity of heat absorb, eat the healthy food of a few low quantity of heat, control food quantity, such ability achieves true health and effective thin body reduce weight. Do not blindly follow the various strange and hurt the body weight loss methods.

过午不食的坏处有哪些 过午不食真的能减肥吗

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