The method that postpartum reduces weight quickly teaches you to restore figure quickly

【 guide 】 postpartum fast what does the method that reduce weight have? We all know that postpartum is more likely to appear out of shape, become obese. So how should postpartum ability reduce weight better? Below small make up for everyone to bring the method of postpartum weight loss, teach you to quickly restore the figure!

Postpartum weight loss method

One, do housework thin abdomen law

Perhaps because of the pregnancy can not do strenuous exercise, resulting in postpartum a little lazy, so from now on to be a hard-working girl. Always keep in mind that you must avoid the important things and avoid the important things. For example when cleaning, need not cleaner as far as possible, multi-purpose mop, make the physical strength that increases oneself carry momentum, latter chooses to cook the method such as at noon ok.

产后快速减肥的方法 教你迅速恢复身材

Two, coarse salt weight loss

Law kosher salt has the effect that send sweat, it can the waste matter inside eduction body and redundant moisture, stimulative skin metabolism, still can bate bilge, compensatory salt and mineral substance, make skin meticulous, stretch tight.

Buy bags of kosher salt at the supermarket or grocery store. Before each bath, take a cup of kosher salt and a little hot water mixed into a paste, and then put it on the abdomen. After 10 minutes, with hot water rinse kosher salt clean, also can massage again after rinse, can begin to take a shower next.

2, after washing bath every time, put kosher salt on the hand, use massage abdomen, remember child knead knead when the action wants slow, can avoid the skin so thin waist is damaged.

If your skin is sensitive, use a thinner “bath salt.”

产后快速减肥的方法 教你迅速恢复身材

The method that reduces weight quickly postpartum

Three, the transformation sit-up movement

It is said that this exercise is especially effective for people with fat stomachs. Lie at the end of the bed, keeping your hips under the bed and your knees bent so your thighs are above your abdomen. Keep your hands straight at your sides, palms facing down below your hips. Next abdomen wants to exert oneself to do sth. with the speed that counts slowly to 10, straighten leg forward, tiptoe must face up, make the body becomes a straight line, bend knee with the speed that counts to 5 again next, ham returns original position. Notice that your back, shoulders, and arms are relaxed.

Four, sitting chair abdomen exercises

This group holds convenient, relaxed, effect is fast, suit to practice everyday or practice every other day.

Practice: the back depends on the back of the chair, carry the back of the chair against with both hands, the feeling is like to want to slide down same, double leg retractile and retractile, the waist is more close to the back of the chair is better.

1. Take turns to step on the bicycle with both feet. At this time, the leg muscles should be relaxed.

2. Same as the above posture, legs at the same time upward bending, and then downward extension, pay attention to the waist can not top, should try to make the stomach and stomach contraction, and then try to close, to achieve abdominal also tight yishu, 20 times a day.

Five, massage method

产后快速减肥的方法 教你迅速恢复身材

This is a kind of most commonly used abdomen reduces weight law, the action that USES knead knead plus massage frost is very good to the improvement of adipose. Massage can raise the temperature of the skin, use up energy in great quantities, stimulative bowel peristalsis, reduce bowel to be absorbed to nutrition, stimulative blood circulates, let redundant moisture eduction inside body.

Take navel as the center, play a question mark in abdomen, massage along the question mark, first right side, then left side, each massage 30-50 times, massage once a day.

Six, belly walk method

Want to learn above all “abdomen type breath law” : when inspiratory, belly rises; When you exhale, pull your belly tight. This is a necessary discipline for anyone practicing yoga or vocalization. It helps stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the elimination of body waste, smooth airflow, increase lung capacity.

产后快速减肥的方法 教你迅速恢复身材

The method that reduces weight quickly postpartum

Seven, diet to lose weight

Eat as early as possible before reducing weight dinnertime, can make the person when dinnertime appetite decreases greatly, reduce the intake of food thereby.

Feed vinegar to reduce weight, daily drink 15-20 milliliter feed vinegar, a month will have gratifying discovery.

Wax gourd weight loss, obese people mostly too much water. Wax gourd can diuresis, every day with wax gourd right amount of soup to drink.

Lose weight with your head

A physiologist in the former Soviet union pointed out that the greater the intensity of mental work, the more nutrients are consumed. Use this one principle, produced law reducing weight with the head. The specific approach is to let fat people use their brains more, such as reading, painting, writing practice, math, learning techniques, etc., every day there is a certain amount of time to let the brain tension up, rather than feasting all day, at a loss.

Postpartum weight loss exercise

Postpartum calisthenics reducing weight a: abdominal breathing movement

Objective: to contract abdominal muscles.

Time: the first day after delivery.

Method: lie flat, close the mouth, make abdomen bulgy with nose inspiratory, exhale slowly again and flabby abdomen muscle, repeat 5, 10 times.

Postpartum calisthenics two: head and neck exercise

Objective: to contract abdominal muscles to stretch the neck and back muscles.

产后快速减肥的方法 教你迅速恢复身材

Time: the third day after delivery.

Method: lie on your back with your head up and try to keep your chin close to your chest, keeping the rest of your body still, then slowly return to your original position. Repeat 10 times.

Postpartum calisthenics reducing weight three: the perineum contraction movement

Objective: to contract perineal muscles, promote blood circulation and wound healing, reduce pain and swelling, improve urinary incontinence and help shrink hemorrhoids.

Time: from the eighth day after delivery.

Methods: lying on the back or side, inhale to tighten the muscles around the vagina and anus, hold the breath for 1 to 3 seconds, then slowly relax and exhale for 5 times.

产后快速减肥的方法 教你迅速恢复身材

The method that reduces weight quickly postpartum

Postpartum calisthenics reducing weight 4: bosom motion

Objective: to restore breast elasticity and prevent sagging.

Time: the sixth day postpartum can start.

Method: lie flat, the hand puts two side flatly, lift both hands forward straight, double arm is extended to right and left straight and flat put, go up next raise to double palm to meet, redouble arm is extended backward straight and flat put, restore before bosom finally, repeat 5, 10 times.

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