The advantage that bury a line to reduce weight to bury a line to reduce weight profit much

[introduction] what are the advantages of losing weight by burying wires? Catgut embedding is a method of using catgut embedding in traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight. So what are the advantages of buried-wire weight loss? Below small make up to tell you about the advantages of weight loss buried line, buried line weight loss benefits oh!

Chinese medicine acupoint catgut weight loss advantages

In this day and age, thinness is a measure of beauty. If you are fat and fat, you will be laughed at.

埋线减肥的优势 埋线减肥好处多

Obesity has a serious impact on life, study, career and love.

So a lot of love beautiful female the way that pursues weight loss all one’s life, the way that reduces weight has a lot of kinds: medicine reducing weight, exercise, go on a diet, physical therapy is waited a moment.

But after all what kind of means reducing weight effect is good?

The expert points out: fat because metabolization is poor, quantity of heat is absorbed more but be consumed hard and cause, medicaments can assist reduce weight only, want to become thin, still want to make from controlling food, much motion.

埋线减肥的优势 埋线减肥好处多

The advantages of losing weight by burying wires

If assisted by traditional Chinese medicine therapy, Chinese medicine can be taken to recuperate the constitution, promote the body metabolism, the whole intestines and stomach, and acupuncture, acupoint embedding and other improvements in local obesity.

Six advantages of losing weight by burying wires

1, can improve the fat body sugar metabolism, so that sugar will not accumulate in the body;

2, can improve the body fat metabolism, promote fat decomposition to reduce lipid;

3, can make obese people’s autonomic nervous system to achieve a balanced state and achieve the goal of weight loss;

4, can enhance the function of the body secretion system, promote fat decomposition, oxidation of excess fat consumption;

5. It can reduce hunger, reduce diet and delay gastric emptying time after meals;

6, enhance kidney function, eliminate edema to achieve weight loss.

埋线减肥的优势 埋线减肥好处多

Bury line to reduce weight to have what note item

1, first of all, to do a good job in the ideological work of patients, take close cooperation.

2. The same acupoint cannot be repeatedly used during treatment.

3. It is better not to take a bath within 3 days after burying the wire.

4, strict aseptic operation, to prevent the occurrence of infection, the number of intestinal line buried in the subcutaneous to a certain depth.

埋线减肥的优势 埋线减肥好处多

The advantages of losing weight by burying wires

5, wire embedding weight loss according to different parts of the choice of wire embedding Angle and depth, to prevent injury to the internal organs, spinal cord, large blood vessels and nerves, so as not to cause adverse consequences.

6, after weight loss to appropriate activities, pay attention to rest and maintenance. Reasonable diet, away from hormone drugs.

Now the acupuncture point bures the line to lose weight to be healthier, the effect is also most stable. For people who love beauty, health is the most important thing as well as beauty.

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