Do you know how to lose weight by burying wires

【 introduction 】 buried the healthy common sense that the line reduces weight to have what? Buried-wire weight loss is one of the most popular acupuncture methods for weight loss, and it is also a healthy way to lose weight. Therefore, it is sought after by many people. So how much do you know about buried-wire weight loss? Below small make up for everyone to bring the health of the common sense of weight loss, to see you understand the embedded line weight loss!

4 cue CARDS to lose weight

There is no imagined pain

埋线减肥的健康常识 你懂埋线减肥吗

The whole process is like an injection. The doctor will inject the protein thread into your acupoint with a special needle. The whole process of embedding the thread only takes 20 minutes. The implant will be anesthetized without any pain and will not affect the normal diet and work.

2. The implant has no side effects on the body

The thread is made of sheep’s small intestine, which is a foreign protein. After being soaked in special Chinese medicine, the thread is embedded into the acupoint where you need to lose weight. The protein strands remain in the body for about four months and are gradually absorbed by the body.

埋线减肥的健康常识 你懂埋线减肥吗

Bury the healthy common sense that the line reduces weight

3. Precautions during weight loss by embedding wires

In order to get the most out of weight loss, you should also:

Should consciously limit diet, can not take in high calorie, high fat food.

(2) drink more green tea.

Participate in physical exercise and physical labor.

4. Weight loss is not easy to rebound

After the treatment, endocrine function has been adjusted and the function of fat decomposition has been enhanced, cutting off the root cause of obesity. As long as successful weight loss, you have a healthy lifestyle, do not eat and drink, generally do not have to worry about the rebound.

Buried-wire weight loss is the extension and development of acupuncture and moxibustion.

埋线减肥的健康常识 你懂埋线减肥吗

It is to use cat-embedding apparatus to implant the protein magnetized lines into the corresponding acupoints. Through the thread body, it can stimulate the acupoints continuously and effectively (the thread is naturally dissolved and absorbed in the body for 10 days to 3 months), so as to achieve the goal of weight loss. This law bures a line 15 days or so 1 time, absolved fat patient everyday “needle” the trouble of one time and anguish, it is busy the law reducing weight of modern first selection.

Acupuncture point bury line weight is according to the patient’s individual differences, different symptoms, different obesity mechanism, to carry on the reasonable and effective choose acupuncture point of syndrome differentiation, in the corresponding acupuncture points into protein magnetization line, surgery with gut (in line, long-term generation of needle), to achieve “the spleen and replenishing qi, regulating channels, releasing cold temperature, harmonize qi and blood, Yin and Yang”, so as to adjust the plant nerve and endocrine function of patients.

Catgut embedding therapy USES materials implanted in acupoints to form long-term stimulation similar to acupuncture and moxibustion “needle retention” (producing a sense of long-acting needle), and it requires appropriate stimulating materials to achieve the effect of effective treatment of diseases. When catgut implantation therapy emerged in the 1960s, there were relatively few implant materials available, so materials such as autologous tissue, animal tissue and sheep gut were mostly used. Although these materials are readily available, they are not hygienic, prone to infection and inconvenient to use. The development of modern biomedical materials has been able to provide a large number of materials that can be used for implantation in vivo. These materials can retain the appropriate stimulation time and generate the appropriate stimulation intensity in vivo. After surface functionalization, they can also enhance the safety and play a more excellent therapeutic role. PLGA(medical collagen) is the most commonly used biomedical material. After strict treatment, its biological characteristics can be used as a new generation of catgut embedding weight loss material.

埋线减肥的健康常识 你懂埋线减肥吗

Bury the healthy common sense that the line reduces weight

1. Implantation in acupoints can stimulate acupoints for a long time, which has a longer weight loss time and better effect than traditional acupuncture.

2. Traditional acupuncture needs to be done every day, so that patients cannot generally adhere to the treatment course due to many reasons in work and life. However, embedding thread once to lose weight and stimulate the acupoint for about half a month saves patients’ time and improves the treatment effect.

3. The biggest advantage of acupoint catgut embedding for weight loss is that it has no side effects, ensuring the health and vigor of human body in the process of weight loss, and the recovery rate is extremely low; At the same time, it can also treat some diseases accompanied by obesity, such as acne, fatigue syndrome, constipation, menstrual disorders (too long menstrual cycle, too little menstruation or amenorrhea), sexual dysfunction (female sexual apathy, male impotence, premature ejaculation), hypertension, high blood fat, fatty liver and so on.

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