Super face anti-aging essence evaluation, full of dry goods to see come over!

25, women aged boundary ridge, don’t know if you have found that aging except wrinkles and loose skin, most notably the jaw line to become round his neck, and apple muscle relaxation, at this point, most women began to learn to use the essence, because essence compared with other skin care sheet is tasted, effect is stronger, a good bottle of essence can effectively resist skin aging problem. Here today for you to evaluate a few facial anti – aging tight essence, who more suitable, the answer is in the following!

Estee Lauder line carving essence

Sister, the fear of the medical beauty line carve this bottle line carve grass planting, essence, with half a month line carve, nothing changed, however, my face moist degree is very good, everyone said 10 days there will be a significant change, but here I really not, belongs to the mild prolapse, on my face every time according to the official massage, can see facial ascension, or half an hour or so back to its original state.

Leboni anti-gravity essence

Anti-gravity, it sounds more technical, the essence is squeezed out a little pearl, the face is a little thick. I still can massage for a while more, the effect is still very apparent, use about a week, have really tight send, the friend still asks me whether thin, hope to be able to continue to maintain!

Lift and tighten the polypeptide essence

Essence ingredients at the beginning to the essence of the grass, my mother high nutritional content, I worry about not used, the mother is also used for a month, firming effect is very good, apple muscle also has the effect of ascension I am bold attempt, no discomfort, very surprise with my face quickly absorb and tension real, cooperate to massage promotion effect is obvious, and the duration of the long, for the need of ascension sister can try it, use for a long time effect should be good!

Lancome Firming white Lift essence

Featured in vitamin C+ Bose, it whitens your skin to a certain degree after using a bottle, and can also reduce acne marks. As a whitening category, it is well worth the investment. Pull relatively general, there is no online said that the effect of overnight rejuvenation, may have to adhere to a longer time to have the effect.

Clarins lift V face essence

Originally called V face essence, thin face to eliminate swelling have no words! This year, a new rose gold, to increase the whole face lift, help the facial contour firming and uplifting effect. Strong fluidity, easy to push away on the upper face, quick absorption, but the firming effect is really not felt. I think this is suitable for pregnant mothers to use, because pregnancy will make aging faster, so anti-aging firming care still need to do enough homework, may be a little help.

CPB 4D anti-wrinkle essence

uses CPB’s 4D lifting technology, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, and the tightening effect is general. The texture is light and thin, but the moisturizing effect is very poor, summer use will feel inadequate. The price is really expensive, long-term use of the wallet you can not bear ~ to find a more affordable replacement after no repurchase. Well, that’s the end of today’s Facial Tightening Essence Test! Do not know these several popular big brand essence assessment, have let each small fairy to have more understanding of them? About the primary anti-aging essence, did you choose the right? If you want to know more about the skin care assessment, you can leave a comment to me below, for you to test!

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