Apply facial mask again as much as with some oil! 6 skin oil evaluation, who can make you feel at ease in winter

In autumn and winter, dry skin peeling, tight, red sensitive skin troubles, most people will face is the this time everyone is careful to protect skin, increase the filling water work, but soon began to dry skin, skin problems repeatedly, the reason is that we use the wrong skin care methods, in fact, our skin in addition to filling water, need to fill oil, oil is a small molecule, easier to reach the skin, play effect, skin cells also prefer oil skin care products!

A lot of people worry about him is oil skin or mix oil skin, again oil can be more oil, in fact the oil that use really good skin care oil rises not oil, more is water embellish, the effect of oil wants better than other skin care products, evaluate 6 full effect skin care oil here today, who can let you feel at ease to spend this winter!

The Ginza rose oil for skin care

2000 yuan daigou Japan

The Ginza玫瑰护肤油测评

The official said rose oil was used for skin care, but there was no rose oil in the ingredients, and a third bottle was used to moisturize. But the reason that rich woman product is expensive is to use feeling first-class namely, although it is oil, very relaxed however good absorption, oily skin mixes oily skin completely no problem, and fragrance is of Bodhi flower, very advanced. It is cost-effective is not high, careful with it!

Sea blue mystery essence oil

1100 yuan flagship store


Main repair skin condition, lamer product in the state of the skin is very poor effect is quite obvious, really this oil a little water and oil separation, personal feel very suitable for massage on the face, can soft out some silence, dry skin every time press in facial absorbed, moisturizing effect is good, is larger and more disputes about the dosage, with no effect with much less loathe to give up, in brief look at yourself!

Pulse relaxes muscle base oil

480 yuan flagship store


The upper face is very easy to absorb and feels good to use. We all know that there are many skin problems are impaired barrier performance, main ingredients beneficial to save oil and the oil, with multiple herbaceous plant essential oil formula, is not a pure moist skin, main repair skin barrier, balance skin nutrition, to achieve a healthy state, sensitive muscle can be at ease use, quality of a material is very relaxed and good absorption, whether used alone or with essence, bottom makeup or cream, can be said to be the immediate effect.

Trilogy rose Nut oil

128 yuan flagship store


I bought a 100 percent rose hip oil version, and they have an enhanced version that’s mixed with other oils and additives. Because it’s pure rose hip oil, it’s safe for pregnant women. Can wipe a face, also can drop to wipe whole body in body milk, moist and beautiful white, win in cheap, wipe a body to still go, the effect on the face still wants to absorb slow almost.

The law of oil

39 yuan for a little red book


Classic oil, cheap big bowl. Mild ingredients, mainly for pregnant women to remove stretch marks, this oil contains a variety of essential oils, anti-oxidation, whitening, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing in one. Can be used concurrently on the face and the body, as for the effect is really more general, a lot of pregnant mother feedback is the same, smear up not good absorb, do not suggest to proceed with really.

Olbin Oil for skin care

320 yuan Japanese daigou


A friend recommends oil of skin oil, the wind review on the net is good also buy try, this oily ground is relaxed, fluidity also wants to compare other thin, use every time about 3 drops, My individual is not very like, the washing powder flavour with a bit thick flavour, and absorb some slant slow, My individual won’t buy again.

About the choice of cream, types have different price on the market, each main composition is also different, see ingredients we can see that some component oil is auxiliary, and some product ingredient in many heavy oil formula distribution, skin care effect is better, some rose hips oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil such as base oil, are commonly used to blend of expensive oil, the price is relatively cheap, don’t be fooled merchants rhetoric oh!!! Want skin good, skin oil must have a bottle, did you find the oil that suits oneself to evaluate today? See you next time!

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