Anti-aging essence recommended, 5 popular anti-aging essence evaluation

Anti-aging is not only about skin care, but also about diet. I’m not going to talk about eating, but we all know that it’s anti-sugar, it slows down the aging of the skin, and then it’s more exercise. Protect skin respect, what I use is to fight old elite, bid farewell to consenescence, prevent namely is greater than remedy, the skin on ability lets a face stays in young state all the time, cannot let the wind of years frost, show on the face, want to be beautiful all the time go down! Today I’d like to talk about fitness with you. Anti-aging & throughout; The essence of hope can help everybody!

1. Helena Green Aquarius


The price is a little bit too high, and the use is just so-so. The repair doesn’t leave the skin in a good state, and it contains alcohol. Nevertheless absorb sex is very good, protect moist degree very tall also. But if you can find something else that works at a lower price, don’t choose this for the sake of the brand.

Therefore, it is not recommended, but not worried about the price, this model is worth buying.

2. Sk-ii small Red bottle


Quality of a material is white translucent, along the lines of the emulsion texture, absorbs quickly, my face is very comfortable, emulsifier has certain cause acne, but still very accurate positioning, is for light ripe age the skin moisturizing stability, improve the skin rough problem soon, will soon return to the same, but stop blain blain and other sensitive to be cautious with muscle. 3. Sumai Light age light grain Essence


This essence contains acetylhexapeptide-8, which can prevent facial wrinkles, activate the regeneration of collagen, smooth and firm the skin, and repair the aging of the skin. It is suitable for people of all skin types. Without oily feeling, very moisten instead, absorb very quickly also, can feel skin to become exquisite obviously after using burnish. 4. OLAY super A bottle


This essence is anti-aging and fights fine lines. But one or two bottles won’t feel it, and it should take a lot longer to have an effect. Its texture is emulsion texture, not sticky, very thick, but very fast absorption. 5. CPB 4D Three-dimensional tightening essence

抗老精华推荐,CPB 4D立体紧颜精华乳

CPB’s quintessential appearance level is very high, the package design is no problem Japanese ladylike style. The use is also good, medium thickness is easy to push, has a light fragrance, ductility is also good. But when it comes to the official 4D tight stretch, there’s really no obvious feeling, and the overall feeling is not cost-effective.

All right, that’s what I recommend today. If you don’t know anything, you can leave a message to me. See you next time, bye!

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