Skin care evaluation | luxury multi-effect nourishing polypeptide eye essence, really easy to use? How does it work?

From a physical point of view, the person’s eye is fragile, and the surrounding skin is very thin, sometimes you casual a movement is likely to damage the skin around the eyes, lead to the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, eye pouch, eye care has always been the girl is very important steps, analysis for everybody today in a fire eye essence – luxury multi-effect of arteries and veins become peptide eye essence, it is really so good?


How to use the luxury multi-effect nourishing polypeptide eye essence?

The official advice is to use 1 pump for the first time. If you think the effect is not obvious, use 1.5 pump for the second time. At this time, if you find obvious changes in the skin around your eyes, you can use this amount every morning and evening in the future, and so on.


In addition to the polypeptide eye essence, it is suggested that we can also match other eye care products to use, and massage technique is very important, here with you to share my online learning more useful eye care massage method.

Press 1-2 pump polypeptide eye essence to the finger abdomen, warm the essence in the finger abdomen, apply it gently, evenly apply it to the eye head, under the eye and at the end of the eye, and gently massage the eye skin by playing the piano, finally lift the eye skin to the temple with the finger abdomen, until the essence is completely absorbed. Eye ministry maintains the pattern of circle of contraintance circle, such not only cannot dispel crindle, still promote crindle generation to gather easily.


Is the luxury multi-effect polypeptide eye essence really easy to use?

I am oily skin, accompanied by blain blain and is sensitive to local inflammation phenomenon, say first product use feeling, fresh and not sticky, medium liquid, cream daub on eye week I’ll massage for a while, can feel the essence absorption is very good, and the eye has a tightening feeling, this feeling lasted for a long time, see if I use a contrast of 20 s, when he saw all stunned, eye skin smooth, black rim of the eye and eye dark eased, the effect of this is just the first use, so good!

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