Skin care assessment | sensitive muscle repair savior, relieve repair peptide essence, take away your little troubles

Believe a lot of female friends are troubled by skin sensitive this problem, the skin does not have good state all the year round. To tell the truth, my itself skin is healthier, but because of my wrong use protect skin to taste, causing skin damage, plus the north this dry weather, the skin has not been very good repair, so we must pay attention to when choosing to protect skin to taste, not excessive skin care, there are a lot of people don’t know oneself is sensitive to muscle, disorderly use protect skin to taste! I’m going to share it with you today

Relieve and repair polypeptide essence.

Sensitive muscle self-examination:

The skin is prone to itchiness and redness after the change of season, and is prone to little bumps like a rash

The red blood on the face is obvious, and it is easy to turn red when cold or hot (people are more likely to get red and burned in summer than others).

Cuticle thin, easy to dry cheek skin, autumn and winter on the face there are small debris

Limited choice of skin care products, environment or replacement of skin care products is more likely to cause skin problems.

If your skin has appeared one of above problems, that means you have already begun to sensitive skin, the skin care and maintenance will take care all the more, the more people will slow in the first place, the most important thing for me is not slow, but the repair and maintenance, slow and can only alleviate a temporary surface phenomenon, not from the root to solve the problem, the next time the environment mutation or other factors, sensitive muscle phenomenon is more serious.

I was using a polypeptide core functions – luxury pulse soothing repair essence of peptides, I super like this bottle of essence, no matter how sad your face sensitive phenomenon, it will be very comfortable on besmear, extract texture refreshing but not oily, daub is absorbed very quickly on the face, dry skin or oily skin, the skin feeling is right, more surprise is that used for the first time, you can see it fade at the speed of visible to the naked eye skin reddening phenomenon, help brighten the skin tone, my cheeks red blood silk and blain to imprint, after finished a bottle of, has a very distinct improvement.

It is mainly composed of high-efficiency polypeptides and Oriental herbal ingredients, which are very suitable for calming and repairing sensitive muscles and repairing the damaged skin barrier. My skin has acne and inflammation in both cheeks. During the process of using this essence, there is no uncomfortable phenomenon, and the permeability of skin is very good.

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