Want to go to white first yellow, luxury vein jiao Run huancai polypeptide essence, real use effect evaluation

I used to often have such a feeling, is usually used some whitening products but still feel black. In fact, this kind of. Color of skin dark & throughout; Rather, the skin is dull and dull. When we say black, we mean yellow! So long-term skin care experience summed up, want to be white, go yellow first! Today, I would like to share with you a skin care product for removing yellow

Shemai Jiao Run Huancai polypeptide essence, its effect exactly how?


I this skin, because stay up late to take care of the baby, did not have how on the heart, so this color of skin is not uniform and yellow gas serious problem is accumulated over time precipitation down, want to dispel yellow, really quite difficult. And I have used a lot of whitening products before, although the skin color is brightened, but it still looks yellow, the whole person looks very bad. This time, the polypeptide functional core was used, and the effect was very obvious. It should be the high-efficiency polypeptide and the extract of Oriental herbs played a role, and the effect of removing yellow and brightening was obvious after a single use, as shown in the figure above.

Transparent egg white texture, this bottle of essence LianShui embellish is not thick, every time I use 2-3 pumps can, in the use of essence I habitually will massage for a while, it can absorb better, the essence of my face absorb very quickly, almost don’t need a massage can be fully absorbed, indicate the molecular weight of the product is very small, it has to do with its main composition polypeptide there should be a relationship. When the essence is fully absorbed, you can see that my skin brightened a lot. The whole skin is full of natural brightness, and the dark lip area of the skin is the most obvious. This is the result that none of my previous products have achieved!

But this bottle of jiao embellish renewal polypeptide essence effect is so good, I also in fear of not repeated or stimulate, I belong to light sensitive muscle, skin care products in once in a stimulating ingredients will reaction will be very obvious, use down this bottle essence didn’t bring me any feeling of discomfort, skin every day is good, and I also have stopped a week, no back to the original color of skin dark yellow, have to admit that the essence of powerful effect and keep skin energy.


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