Hand cream evaluation, these a few not greasy super easy to use hand cream, together to understand the next

As the saying goes: “Ldquo; Hands are a woman’s second face. In our daily life, in addition to the maintenance of their own face, the hand is not to ignore the part. In order for you to have a pair of white hands, I have assessed a few hand cream for you today, if you are in need, check it out!

1. Chanel Pebble hand Cream


Chanel’s cobblestone hand cream, pure white background + black font simple wind design, high appearance, because the shape resembles cobblestone, so named cobblestone hand cream. Liu Wen cousin with the same oh, although for the hand cream for its price is a little expensive, but used sisters for the appearance of the level and sense of use on it fondly. This hand cream contains glycerin, sodium hyaluronate and shea butter, which can fully moisturize the hand skin and lock in moisture, leaving no sticky feeling after use.

2. German L ‘Occitane Shea Butter hand cream


This is a classic hand cream. It’s thick and looks like a tube of toothpaste. This hand cream is very malleable, extremely moist and easily absorbed by the skin. Can quickly change the dry skin state, the smell is not so good at first, but the more absorbed the better the smell.

3. Luxury Polar Soothing hand cream


This hand cream contains polar extracts and ceramides complex, which can protect hand skin from extreme environmental damage, repair the skin barrier, improve hand moisture content, increase hand elasticity, reduce dry lines, enrich the texture, and create a moisturizing, non-greasy skin care experience.

4, Yueshi wind Yinhan LAN hand cream


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