Five big brands web celebrity essence real evaluation! Pay special attention to these 2 styles!

Recently, the little sister in the office complained that the weather was too dry, the temperature dropped, the whole condition of her skin was extremely bad, especially when she worked overtime for several days in a row. All kinds of skin problems came to her. Even if bought star to be the essence of same paragraph of big shop sign also of no avail!

We chat I found that the cause of the skin has no effect because mostly chose not suitable for their own products, and web celebrity stars recommend these elite exactly have effect, I tried many kinds of web celebrity essence here for everyone to do one of the most authentic assessment, five of the most popular products, which a few worthy of the name? Which ones should you be careful with?


Elizabeth Arden gold glue


Little red book grass, smell bad, heavy plastic smell! I feel that I have applied a layer of silicone oil on my face, which is not absorbed at all. I also use massage techniques and massage instrument, but it still doesn’t work. I feel the pores are not breathable when I apply it on my face. I am dry skin, belong to oil-wet type, also more commonly used oily essence, but do not absorb or first time, dry skin so, oily skin should pay more attention to!

The best of clarins


Shuangzou is my first bottle of oily skin care products. I still like it very much. Water and oil are fused together, so there is no greasy feeling on the face, but it is moist and very easy to absorb. But I suggest not to use in the morning, especially not good makeup, the face of flowers. In the evening before going to bed with the best, in the dry peeling state, the next morning can see the face is very embellish, long time skin also had a very obvious improvement, smooth a lot of!

Pulse lift tightening polypeptide essence


This is going to be a big call to girls! The essence activates the regeneration of skin collagen to tighten the skin contour. At the beginning of use, the skin will feel warm, feel tight, moist and shiny! This state can actually last until the next morning, you can see really good, touch the water tight, the whole face has been significantly improved!! Instantly have infinite good impression to this brand!

Helena emeralds essence


The main products are repair, anti-oxidation and stability maintenance. However, after using the bottle, I have not been surprised by the light loss. Texture is just like ordinary emulsion, refreshing, non-sticky, strong fluidity, and the alcohol taste is very heavy, about the repair of acne printing is not there at all, the essence is mainly anti-oxidation, I did not feel what effect, compared with the expensive price, or think it is not worth.

Queen Queen bee style recovery honey


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