Domestic affordable facial mask evaluation, students do not spend money Get up!

Recently a lot of stars on the net, net red are in for domestic goods dozen call, have to say now individual domestic goods brand do more and more good, quality, price all aspects are very good, comprehensive cost performance is very high, but there are also chicken! Today we abandon Japan and South Korea department, for everybody evaluation 6 wind very big domestic product face film, after all who just be worth to get into more, good, the words don’t say much, quick come to see together!

100 birds gazelle sansheng flower daffodil qin Yan moisturizing mask

Gazelle can be said to be a national brand, the mask stickers thin, very good, the ability to carry the essence is also good, but the essence is thin, for Japan and South Korea department mask, I more support domestic products, the only thing that feel chicken ribs is this essence dry will stay in the skin can not absorb, do not know what reason!

Zhiyouquan jellyfish Essence hydrating mask

I use this mask as a morning mask. It is officially said that it has the effect of improving the water and oil balance of the skin. I have used about two boxes, but it is still good as a hydrating mask. This mask sticker is also very thin, the essence will flow, and there will be a cool feeling when applied on the face. What I’m not satisfied with is that the facial features of this mask are not cut properly, and each time I have to tear a little bit!

4D hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask

This is also a hydrating mask, its main composition is hyaluronic acid, and it is four, I as the dry skin, skin of emergency treatment effect is good, its mask stickers frivolous, essence is very much, but will also drops, so can only lie fu, after each use this mask feels very water embellish skin, also carry bright color of skin effect.

One leaf shiny moisturizing mask

Watsons bought it together. At that time, the assistant was too eloquent to hide it. The first feeling of this Kiwi fruit mask was really to be laughed at.

Yu Mei fresh cream olive moisturizing face paste

Old brand country goods yu Mei is clean the memory that is our childhood, this face film and JM silk are very similar, essence also is milk color, have a bit sticky, it is the kind of apply 30 minutes won’t dry, I am individual not quite like, effect of filling water also is not very good, somebody can be beautiful white, but I did not feel, I feel to use do hand to touch quite good!

Film Farshiah white pine dew moisturizing and brightening silk mask paste

It is said that white truffle can improve the dullness of the skin. However, After using a box, I found that the most basic hydrating effect is not good. If you do not timely protect your skin after using it, it is very serious to be pulled out, so it is not recommended.

Above six is the assessment of home products cost-effective mask for you today, have to say there are childish springs and 4 d hyaluronic acid is my favorite, personal advice mask effect choice hydrating, don’t try to count on a stick a face film can let you change white, color bright, or how, okay, baby, what do you use air mask? You can recommend it to me. Let’s try something new!

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