Early autumn skin stability essence, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Lancome and other in-depth evaluation

It is the beginning of the season now, many skin problems begin. Pay the piper. Whenever this time sensitive muscle is very sad, a careless skin will fall into the state of red, peeling, fragile, let you at a loss, this time can choose some stability essence, to help the skin through this eventful autumn, how to choose stability essence after all? Today I come to share with you to maintain stability essence depth evaluation, the most real skin care experience ~

Estee Lauder Little Palm Bottle


Estee Lauder small palm bottle should be a star can no longer star products, small brown bottle thicker texture, humidity absorption is very OK, its maintenance effect is very good, acne muscle in the skin state is very poor when used, overnight redness and swelling will subside! The repair is mediocre, the red blood is still there, and the photoaging effect of the repair is not outstanding.

Shiseido red kidney essence


Red kidney essence is what I want to make fun of, all sorts of kua this bottle of essence on the net say to be able to maintain stable, raise skin immunity to wait for of, but my use feeling is muzzle blain, and absorb very slow, I a big dry skin does not absorb unexpectedly! My friend is oily skin also ridicule it, after daub skin gives oil, prickle is apparent! Originally thought it could help maintain stability, did not expect to be worse! May vary from person to person, or not suitable for it!

Dufan powder bottle essence


It is an elite that I won’t buy back likewise, quality of a material is thinner than water of a few elite actually, say on the net go red effect is good, but I did not feel, to dry skin base protects wet ok still, limit summer only, qiu Dong was not enough. Skin stability and no effect, whether moisturizing or soothing stability are not on the line!

Luxury pulse soothing repair polypeptide essence


Domestic brand, these two years peptide composition skin care is more popular, comparative study a few products, this bottle is not bad, start to try. Essence transparent egg white texture, absorbs quickly, refreshing but not oily, essence soothing repair is very powerful, sensitive during emergency treatment effect is very good, and the long-term use, found that the overall state of the skin is very good, this year does not appear sensitive of change garments according to the state of discomfort, it really can help repair the skin health, stability sensitive muscle repair bear!

Vichy 89 Energy essence lotion


A single product with high praise in the essence of domestic goods, transparent texture, no fragrance, I can rub the mud on the face of dry skin, is a gel, I also tried to adjust the amount of use for many times, but rub the mud and did not improve, the sticky feeling after the face is very heavy, and even the most basic moisture can not do. Personal use feeling bad, will not buy back.

Lancome Little black Bottle muscle base fluid


The little black Bottle is an essence that I use all the year round. It is used as the first step after cleansing. It has a fresh texture, a better skin feeling, and promotes the absorption of skin care products. Dry skin oil skin is suitable for, and it serves as the first step of skin care, I will use it with other essence in the follow-up, I suggest you must use a bottle of bottom essence, I have done experiments, the skin is really different!

Sensitive muscle skin care has always been a big topic, as sensitive muscle we dare not try products, otherwise really hurt. Today’s essence evaluation is all products I personally use. For skin first aid, you can choose Estee Lauder small palm bottle, and for skin maintenance and repair, you can choose Luxury Soothing and repair polypeptide essence.


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