Leboni, Estee Lauder, Lancome and other eye essence evaluation, quick look at your cosmetics on the list!

        On the importance of eye care, here is to remind everyone, eyes are really very fragile, when you realize that the facial skin should be anti-aging care, in fact, the eye has been damaged. And the skin care that maintains about eye ministry, everybody can put the eye on eye cream, ignored eye ministry essence however this kind of efficient skin care sheet is tasted, in daily maintain, besides eye cream, the eye ministry essence that USES is more indispensable, will share an eye ministry essence to evaluate today to everybody.

Estee Lauder Eye Essence


The texture of this eye essence is emulsion with little fluidity and good absorption. I don’t like its bottle mouth design and can’t take it out after using it. In fact, there are still a lot of it. I use it with small palm bottle eye cream, but the effect is not obvious. The fine lines of the eyes have not been improved at all, so It doesn’t suit me very well.

Lancome Big eye Essence


This bottle of essence was planted because of its massage stick, but I bought it back and was a little disappointed! The essence is creamy white egg white in texture and tastes a little like glue. According to the method of using the massage stick, I didn’t find it helpful for the dark circles and fine lines around the eyes after a month. As an eye care product, I was a little disappointed.

Luxury polypeptide eye essence


This is a magic eye essence. As an ingredient, it has to be used as an eye cream. With the texture of transparent egg white, it can be absorbed quickly when applied to the skin. The point is, it has a super good effect in reducing dark circles and fine lines. Now after using it for a month, I find that the bags under my eyes are smaller than before, and many fine lines have disappeared. This bottle of eye essence is listed in my must-buy list, and it will be bought back all the time! This eye cream can be applied to the whole face and is quite good for anti-aging.

Yuemu source Ganoderma Huaneng eye essence


The essence of the eye is thick and hard to push away, making me wonder if it’s an eye cream at one point. Daub in eye week can have the feeling that hair is hot, hot eye, not moist enough for me, it is a bit dry on the contrary, light use feeling I am not quite optimistic, not to mention the effect, I also insisted a month, did not see any effect, decisive abandon!

Shiseido small red waist eye essence


Relative to the facial essence, this bottle of eye cream I like, some more oil than estee lauder, but fine texture, good ductility and daub on eye week quickly be absorbed, it as an entry-level eye essence or highly recommend, moisturizing effect is very good, but fade out black rim of the eye and eye grain effect is not obvious, may be I massage is not enough.

Leboni caviar eye extract


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