Skin care assessment | domestic facial mask assessment, which is the best to use?

Hello! Yesterday I saw a lot of friends leave messages to me, want me to do a facial mask evaluation, without delay, today I went to buy a box of domestic mask back for you to do evaluation! Let me tell you about some good and cheap face masks right now.

1. Morita cosmeceutical Hyaluronic acid complex liquid facial mask

Morita cosmeceuticals is a Brand in Taiwan. His family facial mask can be said to be an old acquaintance of all of us. I still remember when I was in university, almost every girl’s dormitory had this facial mask.

As a real cosmeceutical brand, its ingredients are relatively simple and practical. The moisturizer USES sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), one of the most effective moisturizers, which absorbs up to 1,000 times its own amount of water, and ceramide, which helps repair the barrier to some extent.

Its facial mask paper is very thin, and the cut is reasonable, so it fits your face perfectly without wrinkling up.

The essence is also very abundant, after applying it, the skin will feel tender and tender, hin is satisfied. Recommendation: 3 stars

2. Winona meticulous pore mask

Domestic cosmeceutical bearer Winona, his meticulous pore mask.

Face film paper is thin and thick moderate, although cannot achieve 100 % seamless stick, apply nevertheless rise very obedient, although the essence measures sufficient, but won’t go up after the face is sticky. Many face masks featuring delicate pores are designed for oil rough skin. However, because Winona is a cosmeceutical brand, what it adds is a mild astringent, which mainly adjusts the secretion of sebaceous oil to achieve the effect, which can be said to be considered for sensitive muscles. Recommendation: 4 stars

3. Chamomile mask in the name of nature

This facial mask was recommended by a friend, saying it was cheap and easy to use. After seeing it, I rushed to order it and the package was very fresh and small.

Its essence is so slippery that the entire mask can’t resist gravity and keeps falling, making you very tired. But the effect of hydration is really good, the price is also cheap, can be said to be the king of cost performance. It is also worth mentioning that its ingredients list is very simple (16 kinds in total), in a crowd of 30+ ingredients in the mask is very special. Combined with the effect and price, I think it is worth buying! Recommendation: 4 stars

4, Winona acne cleaning oil mask mud

The mask comes in a self-contained package with a jelly box shell that is easy to carry around.

After opening inside is a bluish gray mud, texture is a bit heavy, push up a bit of effort.

The taste is particularly strong mint flavor, after pulling cool pull cool, just enough to evenly spread the whole face. It is mainly used for oil control and acne suppression. The ingredients include kaolin, volcanic mud, etc., which can absorb excess oil in the skin. Purslane extract and allantoin are also added, which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects while cleaning.

Oil acne skin girl can try, clean, convergence, anti – inflammatory hand grasp. Recommendation: 4 stars

5. Luxury Cherry fermented nourishing mask

Reference price: 290RMB/5 pieces. Recommendation: 5 stars

Why is this facial mask called a fermented facial mask? Fermentation refers to a breakthrough in the traditional process of converting active nutrients into small molecules that can be absorbed by the skin, forming effective concentrations of ingredients that are more easily absorbed by the skin. And in the fermentation process sterilization and bacteriostasis, to prevent the side effects caused by acne mask. While it has deep hydration, it can also remove yellow, improve dullness, clean aged cutin, improve facial glossiness.

Finally, I repeat a word, the biggest role of facial mask is actually hydration, other such as whitening, anti-aging and other functions, only stay on your skin mask for 15 minutes is very difficult to do, so want to efficacy of products, will rely on other skin care products to achieve.

Look, today this take the heart of the evaluation to this, in the future want to see what the evaluation of things, you can leave a message in the comment section!

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