How about | luxury vein light age light grain compact elastic essence?

More and more schoolgirls like elite fluid, because pure use water milk can have the effect that protects wet only, and the nutrient composition in elite fluid wants a lot of gao than emulsion, can solve fundamental problem more. However, a good bottle of essence usually costs more, which is several times as much as the lotion. If you buy a product that doesn’t work well or doesn’t fit you, it can be really painful.

Today I’m going to give you a review of a product that has recently been mentioned by word of mouth in the circle of friends and Beautiful New Propositions column. — Small luxury light age light grain tight elastic essence. Network transmission effect is very good, the price is also close to the people. In order to keep you from rushing into the pit, I’m going to give you a quiz today.

I. Internal and external packing

Take a look at the outer packing of the product first, check whether the production license, implementation standard, manufacturer address, production date and shelf life are complete. Check the cost of the product again to see if it contains any substances harmful to the skin.

Light age light stretch bullet essence
Open the outer package, the bottle inside is very delicate, lake blue transparent bottle body,

Light age light stretch bullet essence
The silver cover is connected to the dropper, so the dosage per time is controlled and easy to use.

Light age light stretch bullet essence
Test for mildness (pH)

The skin surface of human body is preserved with acidic substances such as urea, uric acid, amino acids and free fatty acids, so the skin surface is also weakly acidic, with an average PH value of about 5.8. The skin is only weak acid environment, is the absorption of nutrients in the best state, elasticity, luster, moisture, etc. Also show the best state. So the product that we’re going to use on the face, we’re going to pass the PH first.

In order to test the accuracy of the test paper, I looked for handmade soap and spring water as the comparison group. From left to right are handmade soap, mineral water and Xiaoshe essence:

You can see that the PH of the hand soap is basic, it’s about 8. The pH of mineral water is close to 7, while the pH of Little Luxury essence is about 6, which is very close to human skin. This pH is very mild to use and is also the most easily absorbed.

Iii. Fluorescent agent test

We have all seen the fluorescent face that was widely spread on the Internet before. In order to make users feel the obvious brightening effect, many products have added fluorescent ingredients, which is really too painful to be used on the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to test it. Take appropriate amount of essence drops on the log paper sheet without bleaching, observe whether there is fluorescent reaction under the irradiation of fluorescent lamp, appear blue light is to contain fluorescent agent, do not change color is safe.

On the left is a small luxury essence, and on the right is a fluorescent-containing product as the control group. It is colorless transparent liquid without fluorescent lamp irradiation.

After being irradiated by fluorescent lamp, it is obvious that Xiaoshe essence has no fluorescence reaction, while the products containing fluorescent agent in the control group show bright blue, which proves that Xiaoshe essence does not contain the cost of fluorescent agent.

Iv. Absorption capacity test

Take some paper scraps in advance and set them aside. After applying the essence, sprinkle the paper scraps on the back of the hand within a short time. If all the paper scraps are not stuck, the absorption effect of the product is very good.

Take the same amount of small luxury essence in both hands and pat gently.

The two hands were tested 1 second and 10 seconds after being coated. After a second, a small amount of paper sticks,

After 10 seconds, test with the other hand. None of the confetti is stuck and has been fully absorbed.

That means it took my skin less than 10 seconds to absorb this essence. Or very easy to absorb a product.

V. Grease test

The essence of Xiaoshe is transparent and medium to light in texture, with little dripping when it is rolled back and forth on the hand.

As far as I can see, this essence is non-greasy. Personally, I prefer oil-free essence, because it feels more absorbent. And lotion can be according to the individual skin type and season to choose oil and oil – free.

Let’s take a professional test:

I took a little luxury essence and put it on my hand. For comparison, I chose a product containing oil in the other hand. There is no comparison between the two products, just to show you what it looks like with oil.

Wipe with waterproof oil absorbent paper immediately after application,

Only a small amount of essence is stuck to the oil-absorbing paper on the side of small luxury essence, and the color and state remain unchanged. Another piece of oil-absorbing paper has partially soaked through and become somewhat transparent.

The test was exactly what I had expected, and the little Luxury cream was indeed grease-free. Oily skin is no burden to use.

Vi. Humidity protection test

As I have applied essence to my hands, I will do the test with my arm.

First, test what has not been painted:

You can see my forearm skin has to dry ┭ ┮ man ┭ ┮, can wash your hands often with me forget tu hand cream, skin condition also is not so good, already close to dry.

Apply the cream and pat it to absorb.

At present, the skin has reached a state of partial moisture, although not particularly ideal, but the base is not very good, this span has been very large. Hope the intensive care will improve in the future (#^.^#).

Results after 1 hour of use:

Water has a little loss, but not much, after all, for the essence, water lock is not its main task, to achieve this effect is excellent, need to cooperate with other products to use.

To sum up, the moisturizing effect of small luxury essence is still ok, but it is not proper to use the essence alone to lock the water. It must be used together with water, emulsion, facial mask and so on to strengthen the durability of moisturizing.

Seven, use experience

Generally speaking, this essence of Sumai company is very good, with very safe ingredients, moderate viscosity and light smell. It is very effective in moisture retention when combined with water milk, which can achieve long-term moisture retention. It takes some time to improve the fine lines. In the first two weeks, the naked eye saw no obvious effect. After three weeks of use, the fine lines around the eyes began to fade. It needs to be used for a while and observed. Since I don’t have many fine lines, the photo is not obvious, So I won’t take the picture above.

Skin care is a long-term work, choose suitable for their products, but also every day to take time to maintain, want to be lazy is no future oh. The so-called woman can not virtuous, but absolutely can not not beautiful. Because as long as you are beautiful enough, your little faults will become lovely. _∩) O~

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