Distilled from three countries, little brown bottle, little black bottle and it

Essence for skin maintenance of how important it is to believe that girls, essence can be said to be the most expensive in skin care items are the effective product, so choose essence is particularly important, good essence can definitely make skin get twice the result with half the effort, in the same way with the essence a chicken ribs, is not only a waste of money, the skin also follow, if just find products suitable for your skin, the effect are likely to be very good, so the essence so much, you choose and buy is king.

Today, small yan will tell you, the most popular at home and abroad a few essence, what kind of crowd, what type of skin, so that you can buy a suitable for their products, not to say, the text began.

Estee Lauder Special moisturizing repair muscle through essence

Estee Lauder this brand everybody should be very familiar with, it is the brand of The United States, and in fact named after the founder. Estee Lauder Star Small brown bottle series can be said to be anti-aging entry-level products, the essence of the repair effect, help the skin to rebuild the protection barrier, daytime, antioxidant formula, defense against outside invasion; Help your skin stay healthy at night.

Unit price: 30ml/590 yuan

User experience: Light orange aroma and light yellow jelly texture are easy to push away. It is very light and easy to absorb after being opened. The oil skin should be OK to use. Apply to the face, the skin immediately becomes very soft, and the next morning found the skin is soft, insist on a period of time the pores seem to have a little narrow, but the main fine lines, dark heavy repair of no special effects, the essence for dry skin maintenance can also be used as basis, effect is not so obvious, the basic will not repurchase.

Lancome Little Black Bottle Essence

Lancome Little Black Bottle Essence

Lancome is also a familiar brand. Lancome is aimed at more mature women, usually in their mid-20s to mid-40s. But now everyone’s choice of using skin care products can no longer be divided by age, but by skin care, so there is no boundary on the choice. It is OK to use over 20 years old. The efficacy of this essence is to mainly promote the repair of muscle bottom, so as to solve the problems such as dryness, fine lines and roughness.

Unit price: 30ml/760 YUAN

Feeling: this is a muscle at the bottom of essence, is to use before make up water to adjust the state of the skin, it belongs to the egg white transparent texture, this transparent liquid, the liquid is very good, apply on the face absorb very fast, because I am the dry skin, so every time usage is a pump, it mainly is to help the follow-up products better absorption of the amplification effect, and hydrating force well, use for a long time, the skin has become delicate but personally think that little black bottle is more suitable for the outermost layer of skin and blending outermost layer of skin.

She Mai Light age light grain essence

The essence of yumai smiling face

As a national luxury product that has become popular in the last two years, this brand focuses on the customized skin care concept for Chinese women’s skin, aiming to solve skin problems. This essence focuses on the function of repairing wrinkle and anti-aging, helping the skin to solve existing wrinkles and wrinkles at the bottom of muscles.

Unit price: 30ml/590 yuan

Usage experience: The essence must be used after water, elite fluid sticky, but daub is on the hand can push and absorb good, I use a match the smiling face of the website essence massage technique, feeling with the compact of ascension on both sides of the face, then gave the old mama, I think the essence is very fit for to solve the problem of wrinkle the skin, mom used 1 bottle, forehead and eight lines have a very good, mom massage technique when it comes to using the essence of very in place, so I can for all help, essence absorption and continue to use, wrinkles should have very good improve, so skin wrinkles of skin, You can buy and try.

The above three elite are from The United States, France, China, can meet your international needs, haha!! To sum up, if you have the habit of staying up late, you can choose Estee Lauder small palm bottle as the basic essence maintenance, and then choose an efficacy type essence to do collocation; If your skin is oily and you want to relieve acne and pores, you can choose A Lancome palm bottle to help repair your skin. If you have wrinkle problems, opt for the Luxury Smiley face Essence to help tighten your skin and solve wrinkles!

Ok, so that’s the essence of today’s quiz

If you also want to know which essence of the specific evaluation, you can leave a message to xiao Yan, follow the public number & LDquo; Luxury Research Institute; , small yan will give you a single essence depth evaluation.

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