Is | clarins, estee lauder these thin face essence easy to use

Farewell thin face needle, clarins, Estee Lauder these thin face essence safe and effective!

No matter how beautiful the girl, will feel their face, the more beautiful the more delicate girl.

Are many thin face products on the market now injection class, instruments of the class, skin care, bold attempt anything for a thin face, didn’t go less detours, of course, about the thin face needle and instrument of human body skin damage and I believe you must have no less heard on the Internet, so don’t suggest you try in this way thin face, small yan talk to everyone here today – thin face cream is safe and effective way, is it true that can let you have V face?

When it comes to thin face essence, first of all the price at every turn will be hundreds or even thousands, to buy a bottle of flesh pain for a long time, so before you buy must do a good strategy, today small Yan for you to arrange the three effects of the king, we can refer to the cost performance with!

Clarins Beauty Tightening V series “V-Face Essence” Beauty tightening Essence lotion

娇韵诗塑颜紧致V系列 「V脸精华」塑颜紧致精华露
This is the most famous V-face essence in charming poetry. The website says it eliminates five parts of the face. Fat bag & throughout; It contains fat and eliminates puffiness in the face while tightening pores, enhancing firmness and smoothing the complexion.

The essence is partial like latex quality of a material, not stick thick, go up the face very relaxed, good absorb, the skin can have slippery feeling after the essence is absorbed, protect wet effect pretty good also. The product smells good with a light fragrance. Thin face essence must cooperate facial massage technique, can feel to lift tensify, to say can help reduce facial adipose effect I do not have much feeling, the effect that morning collocation massage technique goes oedema is some.

In addition, the moisturizing effect of this essence is also very good. After being used in water, even if it is dry skin in winter, the moisturizing effect is enough. In addition, it has a fresh and non-greasy feeling, and oil skin can also be used. Official price: 75G790.00

Estee Lauder “line carving essence” specializing in tightening plastic essence

Estee Lauder line carving essence

Estee Lauder went on sale last March. Line carve & throughout; The essence, this product is called “ldquo”; 10 years of dermatology, followed by 8 weeks of intensive uptrend. , I am to use 20 days or so just dare to write evaluation!

Essence is also the texture of lotion, relatively more fluid than Clarins, this essence on the face is soon into a film and then slippery, if you want to protect your skin with sunscreen, it is best to use only a pump of the amount, otherwise it will rub mud, the same this essence also has a set of face massage. The essence is the most important components of acetyl six peptide – 8, have the effect of the good fight wrinkles, use 20 days down, a smile of eight lines change light feeling, has the obvious effect on the expression lines, v face no too big even with massage technique, the effect of feeling, have to swelling effect, so often with the sister of the early edema can try! Official selling price: 50ml 980.00

Sumai “Smiley face Essence” light age light grain essence

Luxury “line carving Essence” light age light grain essence

When it comes to domestic luxury products, we all resist and feel that the effect is also normal and there is no surprise. This essence is really amazing to me when I buy it. It is officially said that this essence will have an effect on any wrinkle and help to tighten and improve the skin.

There is a star ingredient in the essence of smiling face. Acetyl hexapeptide -8& Rdquo; , the same ingredients as Estee Lauder, this ingredient is labeled by consumers & LDQuo; Botox. The reputation. This is a post-water essence, in the process of use, we will feel the essence absorbed very quickly, apply it on the face massage, the skin will have a little firming feeling, every day we take the appropriate amount of essence, apply it on the skin, this time the massage technique is particularly important. The best method of smiley face essence is morning and evening, each time the essence in the face stay time is not less than 8 hours, I use a month down the feeling is the wrinkles on the face really become a lot of light, I occasionally also used on the neck, the effect is really too obvious, also checked this product is relatively safe. Official selling price: 30ml 580.00

These three essence V face effect is a little bit long-term use will see, but the light grain effect of the latter two or good, we can consider to get, small yan want to tell you, no matter what brand thin face essence, must not massage technique, so it will have the effect.

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