Full test of the air cushion! Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Armani air cushion who use

The wind of cushion of air of these two years is blown, the luxury big shop sign such as mystery of sea blue also cannot sit, also rolled out a cushion of air last year, small colour feels cushion of air is really magical implement, because the habit that winter likes to lie in bed, also use cushion of air only before going to work at ordinary times, change 10 minutes fast makeup. Recently, I have to say that the air cushion is really easy to use, not only fast, but also can create a thin base makeup.

Today, small yan for you to evaluate a few big hot air pad, see who is easy to use, who is difficult to use!!

Chanel Jelly air cushion

Buy it, without a doubt is the appearance level is right! The air cushion also smells good. The humidity is very good, and the makeup is not heavy, which is the effect of water and light muscle, and it is very natural. The concealer is just so so, but if you don’t have a lot of blemishes to cover up, this is a great fit. I think other people also use concealer first and then on this, the effect is also very good. Some people think concealer effect is good, look at the individual, I think.

Chanel Jelly air cushion

I have to say that this mattress has two breakfast, the first is leakage, put in the bag is always dirty when opened, maybe because the mattress texture is more moist; The second is not long, I put on makeup every day, touch up makeup rarely used, also a month did not have, ah, the taste of RMB!

Saint Laurent permanent Feather cushion

Saint Laurent permanent Feather cushion

Don’t know how to be fired up, counters the king out of stock, it will be very hard to get, we know that the air cushion and the effect is far less makeup time foundation, while the air cushion can do very well, the more general to the skin to take the case of oil in the afternoon, will take off makeup but not significant to the mottled, makeup is also very good repair, not embarrassed.

Saint Laurent permanent Feather cushion

When it comes to the dry season, if you do not do a good job of moisturizing, this air cushion has serious card powder, so integrated down, it is more suitable for oil skin winter use, dry skin or proceed cautiously, really difficult to use!

Armani Cherry blossom air cushion

Armani Cherry blossom air cushion

How could you miss armani’s cherry blossom limited air cushion! Sakura powder air cushion is light and light in texture, and concealer is a little weak, so the baby who has the need of concealer can use it as a superposition or use concealer later. This air cushion is really very moist, so the makeup time will be shortened a lot, but the moisture degree, dry skin will love it! The overall makeup is very delicate.

Armani Cherry blossom air cushion

If you ask the difference between pink and red, red is better for concealer and duration, and pink is better for moisture retention, so go for pink for dry skin and red for oil skin.

Whoo limited cherry blossom air cushion

Whoo after the annual limited edition, each time will win a lot of attention, this shell is super delicate carved cherry blossoms, girls heart is full, how can not chop off the hand! I bought the most white size. Again, the concealer of this air cushion is very average and watery, but the time of removing makeup is a little too fast, and even the dry skin can’t hold.

Compared to Sulwhasoo, the whoo air cushion doesn’t work as well for me, but it’s a lovely moisturizer in spring and autumn and nothing else.

Dior limited edition suede air cushion

What a cushion of beauty and strength! This air cushion is really comprehensive and is really friendly to oil skin. The concealer is a few streets away from Saint Laurent, which is the best of the air cushions. The makeup time advertisement says 10 hours, but I personally think 7-8 hours is totally fine, no face painting. Although the moisture is not good, but for the oil skin is certainly true love is right.

This air cushion is really only suitable for oil skin, dry skin do not think too much, although it is so, but the appearance level does not allow me to calm, must buy buy buy!

Comprehensive comparison above evaluation, dry leather can choose Chanel, oil leather choose Dior, as for the lowest cost performance do not use, to belong to whoO and Saint Laurent, even if it is sold out, I am not very optimistic!

All right, baby, that’s all for today’s review. If you have any products you want to see, please pay attention. Luxury Research Institute; Leave me a comment!

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