| four good sunscreen for dry skin is better than an easy sun

All the year round little prevent bask in, this protect skin to try you must have heard, regardless of the weather has sunshine first, after all good skin protection is stronger than do not do much.

But for dry skin, prevent bask in really hard to choose, although is dry skin choose some moist is better, but don’t forget to also do not absorb the crucial, floating on the surface layer and rub dirt, make-up often some things, even fire Ann fast also not flee, what golden urn, silver bottles were all tried and completely bad review, I really don’t fit.

Today so-yeon for everyone to recommend a few suitable for dry skin sunscreen good.

Cattail sun protection

Emulsion texture, especially good ductility, fast film formation but no film feeling, not greasy, refreshing, no burden! Although this is an oil skin love sunscreen, but dry skin can also love up, summer is very suitable to use, this sunscreen has a calming effect, sunscreen at the same time more skin care!

Yilisel sunscreen

It is a combination of lotion + sunscreen + isolation of the three effects of the all-in-one sunscreen. Lotion texture, apply on the skin to moisten, do not pull out, moisten the whole day, this sunscreen is by far the most easy to use sunscreen, like lotion moisturizing and compliant, embellish and brighten the skin will not peel, usually like without makeup under this sunscreen is enough!

She had prevented bask in

With dry skin mother of the name of Deke isolation sunscreen, creamy white emulsion texture, especially moist, very easy to push away, with a light fragrance, I can not tell the taste, feel very similar to used before some shampoo taste. Instantly absorb after besmear, moisten but won’t be greasy completely, it is the type that dry skin loves completely really!!

Estin sunscreen

Spanish cosmeceutical niche brand, cheap price, lotion texture, very good moisture, its texture is quite light, like water, smear on the face film quickly but not false smooth, will not make the skin white and oily, dry skin after winter use, then put on the foundation liquid to fit very well. Such thin and watery quality of a material, dry skin must proceed with, summer use experience has not tried, try again after next time everybody evaluates.

Above 4 kinds are dry skin to be able to rest assured use, won’t step on thunder, everybody can choose according to oneself be fond of!! In addition to the dry skin although moist products can be more satisfying, but do not absorb the same will be chicken ribs. So buy skin care to remember not to follow suit oh!!

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