Skin care assessment | clarins, shiseido, Xhekpoh and other neck essence, who is the neck tattoo killer!

All women are afraid of what age and age can do to them. It’s not just getting older, it’s also how your skin looks every day. But you know what? For women, the most aging place is not the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes or the word lines around the mouth, but the neck lines that everyone may ignore. Once you have neck lines, exaggerate a little to look more than 10 years older. Today, Xiao Yan summed it up for everyone, who can eliminate neck lines more effectively by celebrities on the Internet?

Clarins neck cream

Clarins neck cream

The first paragraph of the neck cream, is also my introduction to the product, saying my neck maintenance concept from the circle of friends buy on sb’s behalf, the quality of a material is cream, cream body is light yellow, taste light smell wonderful, sweet and not greasy, and daub up moisture absorption quickly, counters elder sister said: neck cream is the most correct method of use, neck cream, a little amount in the palm of friction, hands on neck gently pressed on both sides.

Clarins neck cream

Use a month, did not see the neck grain has obvious change, because my neck grain is still relatively light, this neck cream nourishing effect is certain or some, still can insist to use see!

Spanish collagen neck cream

Spain XHEKPON neck Cream

Recommended by Fan Bingbing, Spain Xhekpon collagen neck cream is mainly composed of collagen, which has the effect of reducing fine lines and improving relaxation. Paste is more thick texture, but very easy to push away, need to massage for a while to help accelerate absorption, also used about a month, did not see what effect, of course neck cream and skin care products are the same, should insist to use, slowly improve, and the neck in front and back should be daubed, do not forget the back of the neck.

This neck cream is more suitable for entry-level students, the price is not expensive, can be used to do the basic neck nourishing, if you want to eliminate the neck lines of the girls do not consider, there is not much help!

Shiseido Yue Mei Neck cream

Shiseido Yueyue series is aimed at the early old phenomenon, the main anti-wrinkle compact! The range of large wind is applied, is also very good, at the fame of the neck cream, which belongs to the neck cream essence type, can be directly put on, white cream shape, texture is water embellish, good away, fresh texture, not oily, also won’t feel besmear after the neck uncomfortable ~ also is not so thick neck cream frost class.

This neck care is very suitable for neck film. Apply a thick mask to the neck, and then apply a moisturizing mask or plastic wrap to the neck. 10-15 minutes is enough.

Luxury vein light age light grain essence

This is a facial essence, really luxurious for neck, but for girls who want to get rid of wrinkles, really worth it! The essence mainly focuses on reducing wrinkles, aging and other skin problems. The transparent essence texture can moisten and absorb well. This essence must be used with massage techniques, with very good effect.

If you want to fade the neck wrinkles of the girl, this essence must be the first choice, but also for anti-aging has a very good effect, after all, such as the neck wrinkles appear in the dispel needs a long time, but also very difficult, we can also match a neck cream together to use, the effect will be better!

Comprehensive comparison above, want to remove neck lines of the choice of the luxury light pulse light age grain essence, if you have a shallow light neck lines can choose to accept eu neck cream as a foundation for maintenance, the neck moisture can choose clarins neck cream, everybody can match according to their own needs to use these three items, the neck and maintenance is a long long time, insist to have effect!

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