Evaluate l ‘oreal’s affordable air cushion, | mascara, | lipstick, etc

Hello, fairies! Today small yan wanted to talk to you some good parity, l ‘oreal has been always is the most affordable product brands, there are a lot of products have big parity alternative and common sense, xiaoyan amway give everyone here today I used some good l ‘oreal parity, whether the level of appearance or the effect is really not lose big!!

L ‘Oreal Red Fat Cushion

No matter be the air cushion of which brand, have a shortcoming that is to take off makeup too fast, however red fat air cushion of L ‘Oreal red USES still pretty good, quality of a material is exquisite, it is the feeling of matte after besmear, dry skin oily skin USES have no pressure, and concealer is 5 star class absolutely! Makeup has a lot of staying power, and you rarely need to touch up for 8 hours a day outside, because your face is matte at first, and after a few hours your skin may get a little oiled, which gives it a more natural look.

L ‘Oreal double head mascara

The eyelash cream that I like most at present, the cream body that USES white will give a base first, can have alimentary and the effect with fine long. Brush on black paste body again next, won’t fly leg, and fine long effect is super good, gimme arrives in the position, can replace false eyelash. This white mascara replaces the fiber of the regular double-headed mascara, and is a great way to nourish your eyelashes. Mascara is the most important is not dizzy makeup, it did, is discharge makeup, need wet apply 3-5 seconds, just can discharge!

L ‘Oreal Grape seed Essence

First of all, I was bought at the appearance level, the glass bottle is very simple sense, the essence of quality of a material is a bit between emulsion and water quality of a material, water is sticky feeling, liquidity is very strong, my face is very water embellish, the essence is the function of filling water carry bright color of skin, I feel really good hydrating effect use down, in the northeast winter, after the night in the water, use some of this essence, massage until absorption, you’ll find a night, the second day morning or tender skin, very good!!!!!

L ‘Oreal makeup Remover

L ‘Oreal this discharge makeup moisture refreshing and times embellish, personal feeling difference is not big. If it is dry skin to choose double embellish type, large oil skin or easy to long mouth to choose clean type. The most intuitive thing about this makeup remover is that it’s very gentle and hardly stimulating at all. If you don’t feel uncomfortable if you get into your eyes while removing makeup, women with sensitive skin can take it easy. The taste is also light to no taste, very fresh, moist not greasy. I think it is worth buying the Standard Bederma, after all, the price and effect are more cost-effective.

L ‘Oreal limited edition eye shadow tray

It was two years 16 color eye shadow set fire, to tell the truth before l ‘oreal eye shadow I also buy before, personal feeling is very small, don’t how to paint, this dish I also ran the appearance level is, didn’t expect that both colors and opaque crushed out of those before, this dish is very small and pure and fresh daily series, 6 matte color, take a slightly fly powder, dip in with the brush of 10 pearl, pearl belongs to the fine quality is the sort of, don’t fly powder, as a daily makeup look this dish of chromaticity hold good! The only drawback to current use: the lid has to be pinched from the middle to open.

L ‘Oreal lipstick

L ‘Oreal good-looking lipstick is really too much, is it also out of some limited edition, the outer packing is good to see Fried, as long as you are lipstick fan, L ‘Oreal lipstick must try, as a cheap alternative is a very good choice.

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