Skin care assessment! Estee Lauder these five chicken rib products you have used?

Estee Lauder Little Palm Bottle eye cream

Estee Lauder pushed this eye cream quite magically, but it is really super chicken ribs to use, with gel translucent texture, a bit of thick texture, need a good massage, smear around the eyes occasionally have the feeling of hot eyes, use two bottles did not have much obvious effect, it successfully made me give up it!

Estee Lauder Intensive eye care essence

It is said to be the two-in-one effect, set eye cream and essence in one product, first say the design, use the bottom is just crazy, very hard to take, feel there is, but can not get out, finally can only use cotton swab. The essence of latex quality of a material does not like really, do not have essence that kind of moist degree, it is to have no effect more, so won’t buy back certainly!

Estee Lauder Wisdom beauty cream

Can be called all-purpose face cream, protect wet effect to return pretty good, quality of a material is thick, need emulsification hind go up again, otherwise can be greasy on the face, do not absorb, the key is dry skin I use this face cream to be able to rise accretion actually, really good angry ah, although face cream flavour is good, advanced fragrance, but do not like really!!

Estee Lauder Youthful Energy Foundation

Many people recommended, so immediately run shop to buy a bottle of, thought that dry skin in winter there really is the savior, the flushing float pink to no, before long, peeling, the key is just to really is water embellish, my face started to also go, but after is easy is doing, really don’t know how to so much praise, mixing dry skin can use probably.

Estee Lauder Pomegranate Cleansing Milk

This facial cleanser really needs to be made fun of. There will be a little pain in the granule texture when massaging the face, and it is super hot for the eyes. The facial cleanser texture is paste, but it is too thin.

Actually protect skin to taste this thing, differ in opinion, of that honey-sugar, my arsenic, to me, estee Lauder these a few products are very chicken rib really, as to the line carve essence of its home and red pomegranate 3 sets effect, element beautiful little elder sister is still in experience, can give everybody evaluation soon!!

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