Does the Luxury Multi-effect facial cleanser work? Evaluation of the use of Sumai Multi-effect facial cleanser

How good is This multi-effect facial cleanser for real use? Let’s take a look!

With the change of the environment and living habit, skin care habits, our demand for clean face more and more high, not only can remove the dust on the surface of the skin to the garbage, more can be deep cleansing and moisturizing effect, after cleansing the skin feeling is more important, today small make up test for everyone – excessive pulse multi-effect cleanser, a collection of discharge makeup, clean and repair the three-way combination of cleaning products.

Ordinary cleansing products, in the face of different skin, skin conditions, the need to choose different products. Now whether you want to control oil, acne, moisturize or remove makeup, Luxury Multi-effect facial cleanser can satisfy you! Check out the results below.

The appearance quality of a material

Evaluation method: Describe the appearance, texture and color of the product by taking pictures and using experience

Evaluation results: The luxury Multi-effect facial cleanser, with light fragrance and delicate white paste, only needs to take the size of soybean grain and rub it in the hand to make foam, which will gradually enrich and become delicate with the massage time. The three-in-one facial cleansing features greatly reduce the stimulation of facial skin cleaning, saving time and effort.

Clean power

Evaluation method: The cleaning force was tested by cleaning cosmetics.

Evaluation results: She Mai Multi-effect facial cleanser is excellent in makeup removal and cleaning. It has good cleaning ability for daily mascara, eyebrow pencil and lipstick. Although there are still a few residues, it can remove foundation liquid very cleanly, and no one feels tight after washing.

Skin moisturizing

Evaluation method: Skin moisture meter was used to measure the moisture value before and after using the product.

Evaluation results: The skin tested with Sumai Multi-effect cleanser was oily, which showed that the skin was 44% oily before use! After use, you can see that the water content is increased by 11%, and the oil content is reduced to 27%, which ensures the cleaning effect while balancing the water and oil.

Use experience: Luxury multi-effect facial cleanser, gentle and safe multi-amino acid ingredients, simplify daily skin care cleaning steps, can achieve deep cleansing without harming the skin, as safe as sensitive skin. The multiple efficacy of the product, one can meet our multiple cleaning needs!

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