What about the pulse balance energy water? Measure the energy and water use of luxury balance

What about the pulse balance energy water? Okay?

Sumu Chakra balance energy and water use assessment, let’s have a look! Wake up the skin’s own energy, create the young transparent muscle!

A lot of people when choosing skin water, is just a choice, feel the water for the skin to help is not big, actually otherwise, water as a first step to protect skin, can play an important role in skin care, it not only can supplement moisture to skin, skin can also help you open the channels for subsequent products better absorption, so through the various type of seasoning in the market investigation, found that excessive energy balance of arteries and veins of water were so strong, it seems that thought is a simple to protect wet with water, but I tell you, it can also be awaken skin energy, help to deal with the outside world the infringement!

Today, we bring you the luxury balance energy water evaluation, what is the difference between the sense of use and ordinary toning water?

the pulse balance energy

The appearance quality of a material

Evaluation method: Describe the appearance, texture and touch of the product by taking pictures and using experience.

the pulse balance energy

Evaluation results: The sumai 4D balanced energy water, the minimalist cold packaging and the pill shaped bottle body are very creative and suitable for young people. Light clear fragrance, quality of a material is relaxed and fluidity is strong, but not be like common make up water so thin as water, however slightly moist feeling, the skin after daub is fresh and smooth, very easy absorption, very friendly to all skin quality.

Fresh degree

Evaluation method: Apply the product on the back of the hand and press the foam ball, and observe the residual amount of the foam ball after flipping

the pulse balance energy

Evaluation result: Stick the foam balls after applying the Summai balance energy water, and really none of them will touch. Full marks for refreshing power! She Pulse 4D balance energy has good skin-friendliness, which can be well penetrated and absorbed. It is more moist than ordinary toner, but it will not have any sticky feeling. Oil skin and dry skin can be friendly!

Skin moisturizing

Evaluation method: Skin moisture meter was used to measure the moisture value before and after using the product.

the pulse balance energy

Evaluation results: high efficiency, permeability and moisturizing ability. After being applied, it will feel refreshing, moisturizing and moisturizing for a long time. The water value of the skin can maintain the best condition within one hour, and the balanced energy water contains European chestnut seed extract, which has good antioxidant ability, can slow down the degradation of elastin, and maintain the skin elasticity.

Moderate degree

Test method: Use PH test paper to test whether the product is mild or not

the pulse balance energy

Evaluation results: PH test paper was used to test the PH value of luxurious balanced energy water between 5-6, presenting weak acid, mild and high purity centella centella essence, which also has a certain repair effect on sensitive skin, so that you will not be afraid of the trouble brought by changing seasons.

User experience: The moist luxury balance energy water, while moisturizing and soothing the skin for a long time, regulate the micro-ecology of the skin, continuously replenish the skin, enhance the nutrition circulation of the skin, provide energy for the bottom of the skin, and continuously provide energy for the skin!

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