Is the 4D Hyaluronic acid hydrating facial mask really that useful?

What about the 4D Hyaluronic acid mask? Okay?

Evaluation of 4D Hyaluronic acid Hydrating Mask. Let’s have a look!

No matter what season, we must give the skin compensatory enough moisture nutrition first. No matter when and where, want to let my skin drink full water just is the most crucial. Therefore, the face mask must be the girl all the year round stock up the most skin care products. Although the variety of facial mask, choose a mask that is deep enough to really nourish the skin is the most critical.

Today, we bring you a facial mask evaluation — The Luxury 4D Hyaluronic acid hydrating facial mask, which can be said to be the favorite facial mask. First of all, because of its excellent hydrating ability, but also has a strong water-holding effect, it can establish a water film on the skin surface, continuously provide water for the skin 24 hours, so no matter how bad the season and the skin can be very good for the skin to replenish water nutrition.

The appearance quality of a material

Evaluation method: Describe the appearance, texture and color of the product by taking pictures and using experience

Evaluation results: The 4D Hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask is made of hand-made mulberry silk film cloth, which is light and breathable. The essence is rich and mellow and delicate in texture, which can adsorb on the mask very well, but it can be done without dropping liquid, and you can feel the moisturizing feeling of the mask when you stick it on your face.

Cut out break

Evaluation method: real people try the mask and observe its degree of obedience

Evaluation results: soft hand of mulberry silk cloth and membrane skin joint degree is high, can be seen from the painted facial features reasonable cutting, combined with the characteristics of membrane cloth itself, mask can maximize the break in every inch of the skin, can be applied to most Asian face, can be seen from the figure T the location is perfect fit between nose outline, the slight adjustment of cloth will not pull membrane deformation.

Skin moisturizing

Evaluation method: Skin moisture meter was used to measure the moisture value before and after using the product.

Evaluation results: As can be seen from the moisture tester, the skin moisture increased from 21% before use to 59%, and maintained a high moisture value one hour later, indicating that the 4D Hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask can not only quickly replenish water for the skin, but also achieve long-lasting nourishing effect and bring vitality to the skin. This is mainly attributed to the 4D hyaluronic acid in the ingredients, in which the skin three-dimensional water storage system is established in 3D and the skin water barrier is constructed in 1D, providing water energy for the skin in all aspects.

Moisturizing and moisturizing is one of the major courses for girls in skin care throughout the year. In the 4D Hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask, a gentle formula suitable for young people is adopted to help enhance the self-adaptability of the skin, inject water into the skin, and keep the skin hydrated at any time and anywhere.

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