Facial cleanser assessment | student party and the workplace must see new! Easy to use the cleanser worth buying recommended!

This article trawled the network for those cost-effective, easy to use and safe cleansing products, So-Yeon little sister is also tried, for the young girl in her early 20s, in the appropriate!

Facial cleanser assessment, student party, workplace new applicable. A good cleanser is recommended

Actually on the choice of cleansing, in addition to parity, we pay more attention to truly effective and useful, is no longer in price LunPin era, we also product connotation, there are a lot of niche products and high-end product pk also don’t fall in the wind, not much nagging, we take a look at what are the products on the list today.

The goddess


Unit price: 139 Yuan

South Korean brand, there is little Chanel beauty, suitable for all skin, gentle moisture, foam is very rich, will not have false slippery phenomenon, and wash the face is not tight, and Chanel camellia is very similar, really good use!

Dove amino acid



Unit price: 69 yuan

Contrast elta, I think, in a dove better cleaning better, this directly extrude be cleansing foam, special smooth, like soft cotton candy, as a lazy person, this in your facial cleaning, but it is slightly dry skin cleaning, the cleaning must be done within 2 minutes after the follow-up maintenance, or you will feel the skin tight

Luxury Multi effect facial cleanser


Unit price: 99 yuan

This cleansing is one of the more special, discharge makeup, clean face, skin three-way one, seemed very magical, this cleansing I bought was a grain of salt, that effect is really amazing to me, as a clean face, makeup ability super strong, it doesn’t belong to that kind of special rich foam, but clean effect is very bad, my lipstick were clean, the fluid foundation and washing will not have tension, to go out with the convenience!

Pond’s mildew amino acid cleanser

This kind of cleanser can be found everywhere, you can buy it in any Watsons supermarket, it is very easy to make foam, and the foam is exquisite. It will not feel dry after washing, but for the oil skin, it may not be clean enough. It is more suitable for dry skin girls or oil skin for morning cleaning, I think it is more suitable for primary school students!

Fresh soybean cleanser

Price: 220 yuan

Really nice this cleanser clean force, also combines the soft, smell very light faint scent, but the bubble is a bit less, for like sister may be a bubble defects, mainly cleaning ability is good, and pregnant women can use, it’s the whole series is always the same, but the only drawback is not beautiful, but if consider purchasing of still can!

Now the face cream on the market is too much, a lot of girls will be very serious in skin care choose elite face cream, but to wash face milk casually, this time you will find that the skin dry to death still feel oneself buy face cream is useless; Still using acne prone facial cleanser, Big oilfield & throughout; While cleansing with a weak acid while joking chicken rib no feeling… In fact, it’s your face that didn’t get it right.

Today, yan little sister recommended several very high ratio of foam cleanser, big small, small white if you are any skin problems, the pond’s is more suitable for you, if you have a day with makeup, the luxury of pulse multi-effect cleanser is more suitable for you, three-way one, reduce the multiple clean skin skin damage, if you are the sister of sensitive skin, the fresh is very suitable for you, other people can choose according to their own skin and skin needs!

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