Four seasons applicable amino acid cleanser assessment, tell you who is more worth buying!

Washing face is what we do every day, but many students ignore the importance of it, in the choice of facial cleansing products, just choose one. Actually wash a face is to clear the colour of skin surface more than makeup, ash layer, also want to accomplish the protective effect to the skin on this foundation. Today let’s take a look at the four seasons

Amino acid clean face big evaluation, tell you who is worth buying more!

Amino acids has been very cleansing fire nearly two years, it’s on clean skin at the same time, also can moisturize the skin barrier, using gentle feeling, washing a face not tight, smooth renew instead of feeling loved by everyone, but many people said that while the amino acid cleanser use feeling is very good, but the ability to clean is unsatisfactory, and there are many types of amino acid cleanser on the market, which can be worth buying, evaluation for everybody today two of the most popular amino acid cleanser, and see who is your food.

The evaluation will be conducted from the three aspects of cleansing mildness, cleanliness and cost performance that we are most concerned about. Let’s wait and see who is better!

Measurement of mildness

Evaluation method: Mark the experimental area with the virtual face skin on the inside of the wrist, cover the facial cleanser for 5 minutes and wash it off, observe the skin condition, and then judge how mild the cleanser is. From the pictures, we can see that the texture of the two cleansers is different. The texture of The first is gel, while the texture of the second is mousse.

After 5 minutes, we observed the state of the skin, area 1 has obvious reddening state, and accompanied by red dots, and area 2 basically has no change, so in terms of mildness, product 2 is stronger than No. 1.

Cleanliness evaluation

Measurement method: Apply the lipstick to the measurement area with the virtual face skin on the inside of the wrist, evaluate the two cleansers respectively, and finally observe the residual mouth color to judge the cleanness of the cleanser.

We used two cleansers respectively in the evaluation area and gently massaging them. Through comparison, we can see that there are more makeup residues in area 1, so from the perspective of cleanliness alone, the cleaning strength of area 2 is better, which also overturns the saying that amino acid cleanser is mild and the cleaning strength is poor at the same time!

Cost performance evaluation

Through the comparison of unit price, as well as the evaluation of the mildness and cleanliness, the no.2 cleanser is more excellent. It is safe and has no sensitivity or irritation. What is more outstanding is that it can not only stabilize the skin, but also regulate oil secretion and skin water and oil balance, making it a good product with cost performance.

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