Hot style whitening essence ingredients second kill SK2, shiseido, city wild doctor, the price is less than half!

Have found that Chinese women demand for whitening really regardless of season, now we say every day in whitening, have to say, in the eyes of straight men, good temperament, skin white = beauty skin black, color of skin dark heavy = sallow and emaciated eat bitter, you do this to the definition of girls really good bragging, although we don’t mind straight men, but Chinese people pursuit of whitening is very hot, after all, the ancients cloud & other; A white cover a hundred ugly! ”

But do you know how rare it is to find a whitening product that works for you? It’s about 100 times smaller than a straight boyfriend’s gift to your stomach. What’s more, whitening is a constant battle for us. Not only do we need to find the right product for us, but the cost performance is also important.

After spending a lot of money to try countless skin care products for more than a year, finally found a cost-effective whitening single product, ingredients seconds kill SK2, Shiseido, City wild doctor, the price is less than half, let’s see who is so excellent!

Luxury and balanced base essence, I believe you are familiar with this brand. Balanced essence is its star product. I have emptied the bottle countless times, and I still have to buy it back!

Different from those brands that pursue packaging, Luxury is more about the intrinsic quality of its products. All the raw materials of its products are sourced from well-known overseas raw material manufacturers, and it is developed for the special skin characteristics of Chinese women. From a single look, it is already very much in line with our appetite.

When we choose beautiful white product, generally, from the perspective of the composition, everyone knows the main components of the small bulb is niacinamide, city the main composition of wild doctor 377 essence is phenethyl resorcinol (377), shiseido whitening series was mostly tranexamic acid, the whitening ingredients can help us to carry bright color of skin whitening effect, use effect is good. However, the balanced muscle bottom essence I brought today contains the above three whitening ingredients, and the whitening effect of the single ingredient has been very popular, while the balanced essence contains nicotinamide, phenethyl-phechol (377) and coagulation acid, which are three whitening ingredients. What do you think of its whitening effect?

Nicotinamide this composition is widely sought after all the time, want to add it only in composition, no matter how much content, can rub the heat of whiten. The component list above you can see, balance essence of the three components of sincerity, full amount of this essence by improving the whole facial skin, promote the metabolism of melanin, let skin reach equilibrium, so as to achieve the whitening effect, at the same time it can also be a good desalt blain to imprint spots, the most important thing is not to eat the essence of the price of the soil can get so much, really earn.


Speaking of the use experience of this whitening essence, transparent texture, strong fluidity, each use 1-2 pump can be applied to the whole face, the upper face is very easy to push away, fresh and non-greasy, easy to absorb.


The bottle body is selected is the pressure vacuum reflux technology, obsessive-compulsive disorder and cleanliness favorite ah ~ compared to the dropper can isolate air, prevent the product from being oxidized. After continuous upgrading, the current balanced essence enhances the repair effect on the original basis, so that the skin whitening and anti-aging together, such an excellent essence you can still like!!

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