6 immortal level skin care water evaluation, go crazy call domestic products

Now it’s time for a seasonal makeover, not only to refresh our wardrobe, but also to refresh our skincare products! In protecting skin to taste, what everybody is most willing to taste fresh should be make up water, today I bring 6 immortal level for everybody

Skin care water evaluation, see who is the seasonal maintenance of single product!!

Considering that everyone has different skin quality and different needs, some want to brighten the skin, some want to repair the barrier, some want to alleviate acne, this issue is aimed at the market for 6 universal skin care water evaluation, see who is in charge!!

Lancome powder water

It is a well-known skin care water. As the most classic product of Lancome, I believe every little sister will have a bottle of it on her dressing table. What’s more, it looks like powder. The texture of this water is rather thick, and it is mainly moisturizing. A lot of girls with dry skin will use it all seasons, and those with oily skin will only use this bottle of water in summer. However, I think this water really does not help skin care, as dry skin on my face almost no feeling, and full of sticky and greasy, and acne skin use there is the phenomenon of popping acne, so we should take into account the choice, for the skin there is no problem young girls can try!!

Coriander marigold water


This water has been used by many little sisters in Amway as a skin lotion suitable for all skin types. The oil skin is used to soothe and moisturize the dry skin. However, after use, I conclude that this water is only suitable for oil skin and dry skin should not be used. Water quality is very fresh, oil suitable for wet apply, otherwise it will get everywhere, as for the anti-inflammatory and anti-acne effect I feel general, just a refreshing skin care water, skin care effect did not find, this is the skin care water I started the most chicken!

IPSA golden water


One of Japan’s four great shinsei waters, also known as Shinsei Water, this water is gentle and suitable for all skin types, and is said to help the skin adjust to a healthy state after long-term use. Oil skin very like to buy a water, to close the mouth is very good, dry skin I also inadvertently, did not expect very surprised. This water is especially suitable for wet compress, and it must be used together with the cotton pad, the effect will be better. Use it every night, pour it on the cotton pad, and it is easy to absorb. I think it is more suitable for summer.

Estee Lauder Red Pomegranate Water

Estee Lauder family is responsible for removing yellow, which is composed of three products: cleansing, water and cream. It is said that this water can detoxify the skin and activate the skin to enhance the sense of light. Because of the main effect of removing yellow, it is deeply loved by Asians. Do you really think it can go yellow? Not at all! Yellowing of the skin is a basal problem, and simple water can’t help to get rid of skin waste and brighten the complexion. Therefore, if you want pure moisturizing, you can choose this water. If you want to dispel yellowing, you should choose a essence which is more reliable.

Luxury Polar Moisturizing & Nourishing lotion

This time I really want to call for domestic products. It is not an ordinary skin care lotion, but a skin care lotion, I believe many people have not heard of it. The water is fresh, but the upper face is very moist, and the absorption will not have any sticky and greasy feeling, the whole skin is soft and tender after use, really can be used in any skin, brighten the skin, lock, moisten and stabilize the effect is very good, one water, no matter what the season, this bottle of water is enough!

Yue Wood source mushroom water

The biggest misconception about mushroom water is that it can remove acne. In fact, the main function of mushroom water is to repair and relieve acne. After you remove acne, it is very effective to repair and calm the skin. This water is plant extract ingredients, taste is a light herbal taste, for acne and seasonal sensitive discomfort, you can choose wet compress method to use, stable skin is not bad, but there are feedback that acne will be serious, so we recommend careful choice.

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