Skin care test | luxury 4D hyaluronic acid hydrating mask, challenging to keep moisturizing for 8 hours a day

Hello, I am the officer of cc evaluation, this month in the summer is really coming, everyone began to strict to the requirement of skin care, in addition to prevent bask in, I also more take a fancy to basic skin care, skin and facial mask as a foundation for daily maintenance, as well as consume the fastest skin, all the year round is indispensable, I not only to the requirement of the mask to use, affordable is also very important.

Today, Xi Xi is testing a cheap and easy to use facial mask for you. Although I have recommended this brand many times, this year they have released a super moisturizer. 4D hyaluronic acid. Mask, the price is as usual parity!

护肤测评官西西   Facial mask is more than just hydrating, hydrating is more important! Today’s protagonist is my new favorite, Luxury 4D Hyaluronic acid hydrating facial mask, featuring the essence of hyaluronic acid and Centella centella. The gentle formula is applicable to all skin types, deeply hydrating, hydrating and repairing the damaged skin. The key point is the high cost performance ratio, which can be applied for a long time and become beautiful without pressure!

奢脉4D玻尿酸水润面膜   Then I will show you the most anticipated, small make up use of 4D hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask skin moisturizing record 8 hours a day, come to see your mask moisturizing moisturizing moisturizing effect how powerful it is! [evaluation method: before using the mask with moisture tester to test the value of the oil and water, and record, and then according to the method to apply the mask, in the face, after the completion of every 3 hours test the value of water and oil skin, and recorded respectively, finally numerical comparison analysis, to evaluate the mask of continuous hydrating ability 】 although he just in his early 20 s, but because of the long-term stay up late and dry seasons, skin moisture content is low, but the oil is not high, the skin belongs to & other; Dry & throughout; Besides, the skin color is very dark and dull, and there are some dry lines around the eyes. Before applying the mask, I have tested the skin moisture value, which is 21, and the oil value is 24.

This 4D hyaluronic acid mask is made of natural hand-made mulberry silk, with ultra-thin mask paper. It fits well on the face, and the facial features are designed in a reasonable way to maximize the coverage to every corner of the skin. These big facial masks are as good as 300 or 500 pieces of touch. The essence of facial mask has fully 25ml, apply on the face the feeling that kind of skin is drinking water, and after apply facial

  Just 15 minutes, the essence can be seen by the naked eye by the skin slowly, in the moment of peeling off the mask, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the whole face as tender as an egg face, smooth and delicate, tender and elastic, dry fine lines on the skin also disappeared! Whole skin is very comfortable, and even if be after clean face, the skin is still water embellish delicate, do not resemble the face mask that fills water to wash a face in that way, hit return original form.

After the facial mask test now skin water oil value: water value

59, the oil score is 19, which is really a huge water supplement

  Working in the office for three hours, let’s test the water and oil value of the skin again: water value 55, oil value 18, it seems that the water storage and water lock capacity of this mask is very OK, 3 hours of moisture, for it is a piece of cake!

  After lunch, busy work began again, after the meeting, let’s take a look at these three hours of skin changes! Current skin moisture and oil value: moisture value 46, oil value 31.

  The time of 6 hours, skin moisture value decreased 13 value, oil cent increased 12 value, look from the result, the challenge of 6 hours it also passes smoothly. Going to work soon, after 9 hours of time, let’s look at the state of the skin at this time, now skin water and oil value: water value 35, oil value 23.

敷奢脉4D玻尿酸面膜九小时后,测试肌肤水油值   To sum up, by the end of work, it has been 9 hours since the 4D hyaluronic acid hydrating mask was applied. After applying the facial mask, the moisture content decreased by 24 values and the oil content increased by 4 values. Every 3 hours of skin testing, we can see that the skin is always in a healthy state of water and oil!

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