Skin care assessment | oil skin really can’t use face cream? Test the cream you’ll fall in love with

When you are talking about skin care with your girlfriends, you have heard the following sentence: Lotion is enough for the oil skin, but the cream is for the dry skin. ” A lot of women are turning down creams too, but have you noticed, even if you buy them at home? Fresh & throughout; Type latex, also did not alleviate the state that the skin gives oil, use more more oil on the contrary, how is this to return a responsibility after all? Can’t you really use face cream for oil skin? Oil skin will also fall in love with the cream.

The first quality of a material that emulsion and frost are not clear from silly stupid cent is different, say again effect a fill water to add nutrition to lock embellish again, their effect is fundamentally different, want to use so two! And the cause of oil skin is because of excessive sebaceous gland secretion, water loss, skin water and oil imbalance and lead to, if you just simply replenish water for the skin, is not to help you, the correct skin care is to fill + lock. If you feel like cream, go for a refreshing cream, so be sure to use it!   Today, I would like to talk about the beloved oil skin cream — Luxury Polar repair cream (refreshing type), which is now a necessary skin care product for oil skin hands. It focuses on deep repair of damaged skin, strengthening the metabolic ability of old waste cutin, locking skin moisture, intelligent detection of skin properties, and improving water and oil balance.

texture of polar repair cream (refreshing), shea butter color cream texture, smooth, flavor belongs to light fragrance, daub is easy to push away, and easy to absorb, light, there will be no thick and greasy feeling!

Qing may just as well & have spent Will daub the back of the hand cream to touch foam ball, can see the back of the hand adhesion foam ball is very little, looking at the skin on the back of the hand, no oil no greasy, face cream is quickly absorbed, and the skin water embellish silky, will not have the feeling of stuffy, really is again moisturizing and refreshing, oil skin how do not love!

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