During whitening |, plant grass today, and evaluate the luxury pulse balance bottom essence

Whitening this thing really is regardless of season, regardless of age, in fact, for Chinese women’s skin, brown spots, blain to imprint, color of skin dark skin problems such as uneven is very common, but to really solve the skin problems are by long effective skincare maintenance is possible will fade, really want to remove more difficult!

In all protect skin to taste, the essence is the strongest effect, so the whitening essence must be a female friend dresser indispensable product, but the vast majority of whitening products is more noticeable in carry bright color of skin effect, and some want to eradicate the stubborn spots, more and more people will choose method to solve the medical beauty, its not know, medical beauty skin care although quick effect, but also has certain risk but also has the flexibility, so whether what kind of skin problems, once the form it takes long time energy to improve, to sum up, the skin maintenance is a long-term process, completes the prevention work ahead of time is also very important

Today to bring a balanced essence, although it does not have whitening in the name,

About balanced Essence

Today grass products are luxury pulse balanced muscle essence, domestic brands, product just two years, has been praised as a god level product, it is not like estee lauder, la mer was known by the public, but is indeed a low-key and strength of the product, all product component materials and luxury brand big sister, exclusive formula technology and is to be reckoned with.

Product features

Called balanced muscle bottom essence, this product main even skin tone, its formula in the efficacy of combination use, phenethylamine benzodiazepines between essence (377), nicotinamide and tranexamic acid, in 377 will have to assemble products through the composition of spots scattered, condensation of prevent melanin again through the tranexamic acid, finally through the effect of nicotinamide metabolism has been scattered melanin, through the above several kinds of effective ingredients combined effect, achieve the effect of balanced desalt splash.

These three ingredients are very hot in the market at present, many brands can only add one of the ingredients to the product hype can be unparalleled, but this low-key balanced bottom essence added fully three efficient ingredients, it can be seen full of sincerity, skin care effect will be doubly effective!

Use feeling

The above composition analysis, I believe that everyone in the heart has been itching, how about the use of feeling? To ensure the effectiveness of the essence ingredients, this essence bottle USES pressure vacuum anti-reflux technology. Essence moistens texture, very good ductility, very moist after pushing, fresh face, fast absorption! Essence, it is a muscle bottom in the first step of skin care, dry skin and outermost layer of skin, can be at ease use no burden, in the use of a week or so, the whole face has obvious carry bright, and the new blain to imprint have clearly visible to the naked eye, the spot, I feel or want to try to use the effect will be better, after all spots formed is not a day for two days!

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