Which brand is eye cream good? 5 anti-wrinkle, anti-aging eye cream evaluation

Eye cream changed bottle after bottle, from dozens to thousands, from Japan and South Korea to Europe and the United States.

Which brand is eye cream good? Will tell to young muscle, the action of eye cream protects wet good, but to immediately 30+ for me, fight decline to want to be put on schedule really, begin from about 2 years ago, I change protect skin to taste completely to have fight decline, fight oxidation effect, eye cream is not exceptional of course. So today for everyone to evaluate, I used for 3 years anti-wrinkle eye cream, you can refer to buy, to avoid stepping on thunder!

L ‘Oreal purple Iron full face light line eye cream

Reference price: 340 yuan /30ml

Which brand is eye cream good

The L ‘Oreal The iron & throughout; The eye cream publicly challenged Shiseido. Li Jiaqi, one of the brothers, once recommended that the main ingredient of the eye cream was double hyaluronic acid, which was used to replenish water inside and outside. The key point is that this eye cream, with l ‘Oreal’s patented anti-aging ingredient, is an eye cream that can be used on the whole face. The use of eye cream or good, oil embellish push, absorb quickly, use a month, to shallow light fine lines, have a little effect, but long-term use down, also have a little, so as the young skin of the beginning of anti-aging should be able to, or for neck maintenance, completely desalination wrinkles are not likely!!

POLA black BA eye cream

Reference price: 1890 YUAN /18ml

Which brand is eye cream good

Pola Japanese lady brand, alone in Japan 18 beauty makeup award, nine of them gold, the price has been high cold, original sugar, eye is “a good fight decline for this eye cream texture is strong, super smooth, moisturizing effect lasting, long time use eye can see, the appearance of fine lines improve obviously, personal feel it home black BA series super suitable for dry skin, outermost layer of skin use will be bored with, although good, but the price is really not beautiful, 18 g two months usage!!!!

CPB 3D crystal eye cream

Reference price: 1,980 yuan /15ml

Which brand is eye cream good

This series of CPB will be hard to put down at a glance. The outer packing is really careful, which gives you a sense of high quality. The light green paste is very thick in texture. Eye cream is featured by eliminating eye edema, improving skin delicacy and improving fine lines. After two months of use, I think it is just like that. For comprehensive evaluation of effect and price, cost performance is really not high.

Lamer eye concentrate cream

Reference price: 1700 yuan /15ml

Which brand is eye cream good

Recognized as the best eye cream, see the name. Essential eye cream; , the content of essence should be added to meet the main improvement of fine lines, reduce dark circles, puffy eyes, moisturizing repair effect. Eye cream texture cream, fresh and not greasy, dry skin oil can be held, for dry skin in winter must be used with eye essence products will be better, use a month and a half, dry lines have obvious desalination, but the dark circles do not help.

Luxury Polar vital eye and lip cream

Reference price: 310 YUAN /20ml

Which brand is eye cream good

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