China, Japan and Thailand face masks, plant grass to be careful

             Hello, everyone! Again came to our evaluation time today, today to give you the evaluation is hydrating moisturizing patch mask. Hydrating facial mask is the indispensable skin care sheet for everyone all the year round, but the facial mask on the market is tens of millions, the light of true and false foreign brand goods wants what to have what. Today we choose the most representative face masks of the four countries and have a face mask

A few facial products are respectively from Japan varie mask, mask, JM reservoir from South Korea RAY mask from Thailand and 4 d film of face of hyaluronic acid from China, because I am the dry skin, basic home is a hydrating and fight decline the mask, and each time the web celebrity to take the goods I will buy a home, today out of four is more popular and representative, to listen to my feeling ~ ~

Bless Tianlan Jelly mask


Japanese skin care reputation has been good, of course, we will also have a preference for facial mask. I personally used Versailles rose, rice and varie, say varie today, this face film hydrating, fight decline, some whitening efficacy, mask essence jelly texture, essence is very much, but really can’t love, to use the jelly essence always feel do not absorb, and it also can’t and mask the sticker very good fuses in together, hydrating effect is not obvious, as to make better daub type, the extra essence to can be used to besmear water with neck, generally will not repurchase again!

JM Reservoir Mask


JM mask overnight burst fire, dozens of kinds, all tried to find this reservoir is not bad, the essence is more, stickers belong to not thin not thick, and the suit is also good, but the mask is not cool after use, if not immediately clean, the whole face sticky greasy! As dry skin I feel very uncomfortable, oily skin does not know to be able to have the phenomenon of frowziness blain, filling water effect is general and general, rise in the morning on the face the next day also won’t water water, nevertheless its face film is not expensive, flat price student party can get!

RAY silk mask


Last year, there were two kinds of RAY facial masks in Thailand, gold and silver. There were many fake masks in the market, so I dared to buy them only after traveling to Thailand. I bought both. Mask silk sticker, very pressed very thin, but it’s too easy to deformation, take out the basic has been completely and mask essence very much, just apply the time a little feeling of stab thorn, as for hydrating effect people think gold is better than silver, but I really don’t like this kind of stinging sensation, always feel the stimulation.

Luxury 4D Hyaluronic acid mask


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